Cucina della Patrizia

Vendor Since: 2014

About Us:

Cucina della Patrizia prepares authentic Italian dishes using the best local ingredients found, together with quintessential imported Italian produce they personally select for their clients.  As artisans, Patrizia and Joseph provide healthy, nutritious, and flavorful Italian foods prepared in a traditional hand made manner (fatto a mano).

They began their local food business in Italy with their uncle Zio Peppo, ten years ago selling resh water fish they caught daily from alpine lakes north of Milano Italy.

Four years ago, while visiting relatives, a friend suggested they participate in a local market, providing their authentic Italian foosd and knowledge of Italian food, wines, oils, cheeses, and culture.

Products We Sell:
A variety of authentic Italian dishes including pastas, breads, desserts, and other specialities

Our Practices:
Local ingredients are natural to the Italian kitchen and require that our menu follow the seasonal vegetables and fruits of the area.