Mary Kay Originals

Address: 3840 Delmar Avenue Cincinnati, OH 45211
Facebook Site:
Phone: (513) 662-6500
Vendor Since: 2020

About Us:
We provide discriminating people that like hand-blown glass beaded jewelry and hand-made face masks.

Our Products:
Hand-blown galss beaded jewelry – All beads are hand-blown glass. Designs include the beads, swarorski crystals, natural semi-precious gemstones and sterling components. All sterling/hand wire products are wrapped by me. I demo and custom size in the booth if requested.

Hand-made Facemasks – Since Covid-19, we are offering 3-D fabric, facemasks. All are hand washable. The masks stay in place by nose-pieces that keep them secure and prevent the steaming of glasses.

Production Practices:
The galss beads are all hand-blown from Moretti, Silver and Helix have paladium melt incasements. All beads are kiln annealed for durabilityand strength.