Willow Branch Farm

5902 Parina Rd
Brooksville, KY
Email: willowbranchfarmsky@gmail.com
Website: www.willowbranchfarmllc.com
Vendor Since: 2018

About Us:

Willow Branch Farm got its name from the Willow Branch tributary of the Licking River that runs along its border, with the other border marked by the North Fork of the Licking. The farm is made up of almost 200 acres of rolling pastures, bottomland, and woods.

Prior to our acquisition of the farm in 2015, much of the land was leased out for tobacco farming and cattle. There was very little infrastructure in place. Much of that first year was spent building the necessary infrastructure, including fencing, pasture renovation, housing for both animals and people, and the start of what is now a separate building for cleaning and refrigeration of vegetables and fruit.

While that work continues, we have also been able to establish our herd of pasture-raised low line Angus cattle, a flock of free range egg laying chickens, mobile housing for meat chickens, several acres of vegetables and fruit, a hop yard, and 20 beehives. We’ve built this all with the goal of sustainability and harmony with the environment. We use organic methods as much as possible and are working with state and federal grants to help preserve highly erodible land and establish plots of native plants for pollinators.

It is our belief that these methods will help us to provide you the healthiest possible products directly from our farm. You can currently purchase our products at Findlay Market, Delhi Farmer’s Market, Montgomery Farmers Marker, or directly from us. We keep our Facebook page updated with the latest on availability of chicken, eggs, and vegetables. Our next beef will be ready for sale in May.

On our farm we make plans, but it is ultimately Mother Nature who calls the shots. Each year brings us more lessons. In that same spirit, we’d love to hear from you if you have any questions, or if there is something you’re looking for that you think we can provide. We are always looking forward to what the next season has in store.

Products We Sell:
Pasture raised eggs, chicken, & beef, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, kale, lettuce, herbs, brussel sprouts, eggplant, beets, potatoes, tomatoes, squash, and corn.

Our Practices:
We use sustainable growing practices in our fields.  We use green manure and supplement with conventional fertilizer if necessary.  We use OMRI approved sprays when necessary for pests and diseases.  Our livestock are mostly grassfed; we supplement with non-GMO feed when necessary.  We eat what we grow.

Other Markets:

  • Findlay Market
  • Delhi

Green Farm Juicery

9514 Kenwood Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45242
Email: info@greenfarmjuicery.com
Website: www.greenfarmjuicery.com
Vendor Since: 2018

About Us:

At The Green Farm Juicery we specialize in organic, raw cold-pressed juices. With juicing you can easily feed your body all of the vitamins, minerals and living enzymes in up to four pounds of produce in just one delicious drink!

Our cold-pressed juices are raw and organic, to provide our customers with the most nutrient dense juice available! We would NEVER pasteurize or use high pressure processing (HPP) to extend the shelf life of our juice.

We only serve the freshest and most nutritious juices and each item on our menu is formulated to contain specific beneficial properties, meaning that with every delicious drop you’re nourishing your body from the inside out. We are here to provide you with your daily dose of juice and we also provide one, two and three day cleanses to help you kick-start a new healthy lifestyle or just to reboot after a gluttonous weekend or vacation.

Products We Sell:
100% Cold-pressed juices and snacks.

Our Practices:
What’s good for the earth is good for your body. From the organic produce, nuts, seeds and superfoods we use in our juices and elixirs to our packaging and even our waste, doing what’s right for the world around us is always a priority. Along with our partners we are dedicated to improving our environment and strengthening our communities.

Other Markets:

Halcyon Salsa

517 West 7th Street
Newport, KY 41071
Email: info@halcyonsalsa.com
Website: www.halcyonsalsa.com
Vendor Since: 2018

About Us:

Halcyon (Hal-See-Yon) Salsa started in Kevin Mackey’s kitchen in 2009 as an experiment to try and cook with non-processed foods that still satisfied a salt tooth. Over years, the recipes were perfected and batches were made for friends and family.

It was a major hit. “KMack’s Salsa” was a thing, so now Halcyon Salsa is commercially manufacturing it and sharing it with you! For now, our sole market is Cincinnati, but we will expand into other salsa loving cities like Denver and Portland soon.

Products We Sell:
A variety of fresh salsas made within 48 hours of the market

Our Practices:
Halcyon salsa is committed to fresh, natural productions practices.  During peak season, we source food locally through the Ohio Valley Food Connection.  Off peak produce comes from Pies Produce in Reading.

Other Markets:

  • Findlay Market
  • Hyde Park
  • Deerfield
  • Northside

Cucina della Patrizia

Email: patrizia.italiankitchen@gmail.com
Website: https://jcsservices.wordpress.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jcs-services-Cucina-della-Patrizia-134446346729325/
Phone: (513) 238-1365
Vendor Since: 2017

About Us:
Cucina della Patrizia prepares authentic Italian dishes using the best local ingredients found, together with quintessential imported Italian produce they personally select for their clients.  As artisans, Patrizia and Joseph provide healthy, nutritious, and flavorful Italian foods prepared in a traditional hand made manner (fatto a mano).
They began their local food business in Italy with their uncle Zio Peppo, ten years ago selling resh water fish they caught daily from alpine lakes north of Milano Italy.
Four years ago, while visiting relatives, a friend suggested they participate in a local market, providing their authentic Italian foosd and knowledge of Italian food, wines, oils, cheeses, and culture.

Products We Sell:
A variety of authentic Italian dishes including pastas, breads, desserts, and other specialities

Our Practices:
Local ingredients are natural to the Italian kitchen and require that our menu follow the seasonal vegetables and fruits of the area.

Gadabout Doughnuts

Email: gadaboutdoughnuts@gmail.com
Website: www.gadaboutdoughnuts.com
Facebook: Facebook
Vendor Since: 2017

About Us:
A local artisan doughnut shop specializing in pop-up shops & private orders.

Products We Sell:
Ready to Eat Doughnuts in a variety of flavors

Other Places You Can Find Us:

  • OFF Market in Oakley
  • Deeper Roots
  • Brick Coffee
  • City Flea
  • Landlocked Social House

2018 Market Days

  • May 5
  • June 2
  • July 7
  • August 4
  • September 1
  • October 6