2017 Newsletters

December 23, 2017–Last Winter Market is Chance to Stock Up

December 16, 2017–Winter Market Can Help with the Holidays

December 9, 2017–Sweets & Treats but Don’t Forget the Veggies

December 2, 2107–Winter Market Ready for the Holidays

November 25, 2017–Winter Market Closed this Week

November 18, 2017–Winter Market Ready for Thanksgiving

November 11, 2017–Winter Market Opens to a Big Crowd

November 4, 2017–Winter Market Starts On Saturday!

October 28, 2017–Last Week At Montgomery Elementary Before Winter Market

October 21, 2017–Fall Is Here–Sort Of

October 14, 2017–Is This Summer’s Last Gasp?

October 7, 2017–It Was Hot, Then It Was Cool, Then It Was Hot…

September 30, 2017–The Temperature Says Fall, but…

September 23, 2017–Come For Apple Cider, Go Home With Summer And Fall Favorites!!

September 16, 2017–It’s apple time

September 9, 2017–Winter Market set for this season

September 2, 2017–Get ready for Labor Day cookout

August 26, 2017–Kid’s Tasting Event

August 19, 2017–Summer produce at its best

August 12, 2017–National Farmer’s Market Week

August 5, 2017–You say tomato, I say tomato

July 29, 2017–The BEST Summer Lunch

July 22, 2017–The Flavors of Summer

July 15, 2017–Peak of the season AND a time of promise

July 8, 2017–Pay with credit cards or SNAP for tomatoes, corn, peaches & more

July 1, 2017–4th of July Goodies–tomatoes, corn, peaches, blueberries, cabbage & more

June 24, 2017–THIS IS IT! Tomatoes, corn, blueberries, peaches, green beans, cucumbers & more

June 17, 2017–Blueberries, Peaches BIG tomatoes, black raspberries, fresh bread & more

June 10, 2017–Bread has returned!

June 3, 2017–Sweet Cherries, Zucchini and the Veggie Forecast

May 27, 2017–Surprises at the Market

May 20, 2017–Strawberries are back

May 13, 2017–Sugar snaps & Strawberries

2016 Newsletters

October 29, 2016–It’s the Last Saturday of the Season

October 22, 2016–Farm to Table Dinner

October 15, 2016–Just 3 More Saturday’s Left in the Season

October 1, 2016–Fall Goodies at MFM

September 24, 2016–Kid’s Tasting Event This Saturday!

September 17, 2016–Special Event! Cincinnati Cooks at MFM

September 10, 2016–Calling all future board members!

September 3, 2016–How are we doing?

August 27, 2016– Special Event: Gazpacho

August 20, 2016–Pastries anyone?

August 13, 2016–Microgreens – Small in stature, Mighty in nutrition

August 6, 2016–Buzzz……

July 30,2016–How Much Do You Know About Tomatoes

July 23, 2016–Things Are Heating Up at the Montgomery Farmer’s Market

July 16, 2016 –The Farmer’s Market is Bursting with New Flavor!

July 1st, 2016–July 4th Weekend Means Market Goodies!

June 25, 2016–First Peaches and Blueberries at the Market

June 18, 2016– Are you Ready for Some Good Clean Fun!

June 4, 2016– Weekly Newsletter

May 28, 2016–Weekly Newsletter

May 21, 2016–Strawberries at the Market this Week

May 14, 2016–Weekly Newsletter

May 7, 2016–Market Opens This Saturday!!

Goddess Fine Foods

Website: www.seafoodgoddess.com
Vendor Since: 2017

Our Practices:
Spice Source: Monterey Spice Company
Salt Source: San Francisco Salt Company
Both provide bulk spices that we use to assemble our spice blends.  Most are organic, but not all of our spices have organic available.  We are committed to fresh, natural ingredients as best we can.

Products We Sell:
Spice blends, salt & pepper spice blends, spiced nuts, seasoned popcorn

Probasco Urban Farm

Email: probascomushrooms@gmail.com
Website: facebook.com/probascofarm
Vendor Since: 2017

Our Practices:

All PUF’s products are raised on high quality materials with no pesticide application.  To do this, we rotate production stock in and out of our indoor grow room on a rapid cycle over three weeks.

All of our mushrooms are grown on fresh sawdust, straw, bran, and minerals, with home-produced starter or “inoculum.” By contrast, soil-based production is really attractive to critters, and that’s why the mushroom industry uses a lot of pesticides. We do not raise crimini or portobello, in order to stay true to this promise!

The varieties we raise – with the exception of SHIITAKE – are all indigenious native varieties. This means you could go for a walk in September or October, and you may even see a lion’s mane, a cluster of oysters, or a bouquet of enoki or even maitake mushrooms growing, from a tree, in the wild. Ours are grown indoors and can be seen for only about four days from emergence until harvest.

Products We Sell:

Fresh mushrooms:

  • Oyster, Lion’s Mane, Enoki – indoor grown
  • Wine Caps, August – October, outdoor grown
  • Maitake, Shiitake, August – October, indoor grown

Cultivation Kits
Dried Mushrooms

Other Markets:

    • Northside
    • Hyde Park

Like Mom’s Only Vegan

Email: likemomsonlyvegan@yahoo.com
Website: www.likemomsonlyvegan.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LikeMomsOnlyVegan1/
Vendor Since: 2017

Pre-Order here: http://likemomsonlyvegan.com/shop.html

Deadline for orders is THURSDAYS at 6PM. Delivery available for a $4 delivery charge.

About Us:
Like Mom’s Only Vegan’s mission is to provide delicious and cruelty-free, vegan products to our enlightened, Eco-conscious customers. We strive to reward those who choose a guilt-free diet with the love and warmth of Mom’s kitchen, without eggs, dairy, or animal products.

Products We Sell:

We sell a variety of vegan cookies and cupcakes with the taste and texture reminiscent of Mom’s baked goods. Both cookies and cupcakes are sold by the dozen on our website. Stop by for cookies, bars, sweet breads, cupcakes, rice cereal treats, and brownies.

Other Markets:

  • Northside
  • Hyde Park Winter Market

Questions? Contact Naomi Sams at (513)384-7311 or likemomsonlyvegan@yahoo.com.

Dry Moon Pillowcases

Website: www.drymoonpillowcases.com
Vendor Since: 2017

Products We Sell:
Handcrafted Dry Moon Pillowcases are two differently sided pillowcases. The plush side is made of 100% cotton long staple low-twist terry and the other side is cool, protective, low wrinkle satin.  Because Dry Moon Pillowcases keep you head and face dry, they are favored by people who experience night sweats or hot flashes, go to sleep with wet hair after showering, or like the soft fabric.  Available in 8 colors.

Crackling Crust

Email: hello@cracklingcrust.com
Website: www.cracklingcrust.com
Vendor Since: 2017

About Us:
Crackling Crust is no longer with the Montgomery Farmers Market. We really enjoyed their excellent products and wish Crackling Crust great success in their future.

Products We Sell:
Various breads, granola, croissants, baguettes, freshly milled flour

Other Markets:

  • Wyoming
  • Deerfield
  • Moon Co-op