We Are Open Every Saturday, May to Nov. 20, 2021

The last Covid Vaccination clinic was on September 4th

Let’s hope we can schedule another one soon.

Hello and welcome! We are currently in the planning phase for this upcoming market season. We will open on Saturday, May 1st and will continue through October 30th before changing to our winter market format (details TBD). Our operating hours will stay the same… 9am-12:30pm. We will still require all customers, vendors and volunteers to wear masks at all times while in the market space and to encourage social distancing… hopefully these COVID policies can “go by the wayside” as soon as possible.

We are only REQUIRING MASKS for UNVACCINATED patrons per the CDCs and Governor DeWine’s newest guidance, since we are considered a “crowded, outdoor event.” This means if you are fully vaccinated, then you no longer need to wear a mask. Thank you for your cooperation and patience in keeping our vendors safe throughout all of this time.


Autumn Arrives This Week

Along with our summer produce, we are now enjoying the beginnings of the pumpkins, gourds, apples, squash and mums! You can find bunches of eucalyptus at Jaybird Farm and pawpaws at Roothouse Aquaponics (they are also having a big sale on Genovese basil). There is even some apple cider available at Salatin’s Orchard!

Apple Cider

What’s in season for this weekend?

We are in full swing with end-of-summer produce and you can even find some fall items like winter squash, apples and even a few mums. So stock up!

Fall varieties of produce have arrived… pumpkins, gourds, and lots of varieties of squash: butternut, acorn, spaghetti and delicata! Also apples and even mums. It even feels a bit like fall outside with these milder temperatures, so let’s welcome these fall items right alongside our wonderful summer produce!


Ginger Gold apples are one of the first Malus domestica varieties available in the fall. The Virginia apple is a cross between Golden Delicious and Albemarle Pippin (Newtown Pippin) apples. Ginger Gold has been described as one of the best-tasting early-season apples. It is a good keeper, and can last several weeks in the fridge. Because its flesh is slow to oxidize, the Ginger Gold is a great apple for salads, for kids to snack on, and even for using in pies and crisps.

Ginger Gold apples! Got lots of them, Soooo delicious!!!

The Band

The musician this Saturday will be The Jamgrass Duo.

The Jamgrass Duo is Wayne Luessen on mandolin, guitar and vocal and Brian Buckley on guitar, mandolin, and vocal. The roots based music ranges from blues, bluegrass, and beyond.

The Jamgrass Duo

Food Truck

This Saturday, La Orangette mobile food truck will be at the market.

La Orangette

We started La Orangette mobile so we can reach as many of you far and wide and bring you our happy juice. We use the freshest ingredients and fresh squeezed juice, blend and serve all fresh right in front of you so you know what you are getting in every cup and bowl, no preservatives or added sugars and no nonsense.

We take pride in being 100% Vegan, Gluten Free and Biodegradable.
Love your body and the planet!

Come and join us!

As always, we are open every Saturday from May through October, 9am-12:30pm. We are located in the Montgomery Elementary School parking lot at 9609 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati, OH 45242. Come join in the fun!

Check out our newest artisan cheese producer

Boone Creek Creamery

Boone Creek Creamery

ABOUT Boone Creek Creamery
In the heart of Kentucky’s Bluegrass Region, is Boone Creek Creamery where we create handmade artisan cheeses such as Abbey Road Cheese, Blackberry Serenade Cheese, French Cheddar Cheese, Jerk Cheddar Cheese, Kentucky Derby Cheese, Mama Mia Cheese, Sassy Redhead Cheese, Scandinavian Grilling Cheese, Smokey Mountain Cheese, Tuscan Sun Cheese, and Boone Blue Cheese. We believe that hand-making cheese creates a richer, more complex flavor so we use old world European techniques to protect the delicate curds. We use only the best Kentucky Proud milk from cows that graze on nutrient rich grasses as nature intended—free of antibiotics, hormones, and steroids. Come in for a tour of our cheese making facility and taste for yourself why Boone Creek Creamery is howlin’ good.

The Scentery:
A Message from Cheri Wyatt

Baked Goods and Produce at the Scentery?

Did you know I use a variety of garden ingredients in my goodies and actually bake my bath salts, bath bombs, and shower steamers? No, you wouldn’t want to eat my products, but why bake them you ask?

Not only does it make my whole house smell incredible, but baking also prevents the different salts and minerals from clumping and getting hard. Steamers and bombs benefit from baking because it helps them harden and protects them a bit from the humidity and temperature swings that can cause them to crumble.

As for the produce and ingredients that I use, you will find carrot, beet root, eggplant, pumpkin, sweet pea, and more, depending on the scent I’m creating. I also use a variety of nuts and seeds, like poppy, almond, oats, and coffee. Sometimes I even add a few ingredients from my own garden like lavender, rosemary, and dried flowers. All these ingredients are used in a variety of combinations to create my salts, scrubs, sprays, steamers, and more.

So come check out my “baked goods” and “produce” this week. I’m sure you will love my seasonal additions, including my orange spice pumpkin bombs and my pumpkin latte salt scrub. All my festive fall products and home aromatics will have an orange ribbon on them and will be available at the Montgomery Farmers’ Market this Saturday.

The Scentery: “It Smells so Good!”.

Scentery Products

Customer relaxation tent. Right infront of the band!!

Dual use music tent with a view of the band.

Thanks to the generous donation of a patron, we now have a music tent that can be used as a meeting and eating place for customers of the market (when it is not being used by the band).

Zoftig Bakehouse

Zoftig Cookies

Zoftig Bakehouse is back and offering “Cookie for a cause”. During the month of September, Zoftig Bakehouse is giving $1 of each Vegan S’mores cookie sold, to Operation Give Back. 

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A solar array powers the Winning Edge Knife Sharpening station

Winning Edge Sharpening powers the operation with 4 solar pannels.

Thank you and see you Saturday!

Montgomery Farmers Market Bags

Reusable Market Bags Available With Your Favorite Vendors!  

The Market is beginning a new environmental effort this week to reduce the use of plastic bags, and we need your help.

Here’s how it works. When you buy something from a vendor who usually puts your purchase in a plastic handle bag, they will offer you a FREE colorful market bag. We hope you will use it instead, and bring it back each week when you come to the Market.

MFM is joining with other markets in our region, and with CORV, to reduce the use of plastic, which has become a world-wide environmental problem. We received a grant from Hamilton County Recycling and Solid Waste District for 80% of the cost of the bags. MFM is paying the rest, so there is no cost to you or your favorite vendors.

There are so many wonderful options at the market during this time of the year. Sometimes it makes it difficult to make a choice!

Lots of options to choose among… give them a try on Saturday!

See ’em all at farmers and food artisans

Hey kids, find those hidden peas!!!

Get rewarded with a Farmers Buck that may be used anywhere in the market. The Farmers Bucks have no expiration date. You can save them for a return visit

These two energetic guys found the peas!!!
A hunt for sure, but they did it!!
The Excellent searcher will not be denied!! She’s a Winner!
Not only great at soccer, but searching the market for peas l!!!
Both brother and sister found the peas. Great job !!!
Great job to both big brother and sister. Thumbs up, but camera shy.


Piper, Penelope and Pru are back from their winter holiday and are hiding around the market. They will be in different locations each week! Locate all three and tell Adrienne, our Market Manager, where you found them to win a special prize! (make sure to leave them in their hiding spots for other kids to find)

Piper, Penelope, and Pru

In addition to the the “3 peas” game, we have brought back live music. We hope to see you at the Market!

Volunteers all!!

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Plant your business into our growing Market community!

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Thank you and see you Saturday!