What is SNAP?

SNAP stands for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.  Formerly, the SNAP program was known as Food Stamps.  It is a federal program which helps families stretch their food budget.  SNAP benefits can be used to purchase food at grocery stores, convenience stores, and some farmers markets.

What Foods can SNAP Benefits Buy?

SNAP benefits can be used to buy many food products including fruits, vegetables, bread, meat, eggs, cheese, milk, coffee beans, hummus, and even plants that can be used to grow food like tomatoes or herbs.  You can’t use SNAP benefits to buy hot, prepared foods from a food truck or restaurant, or foods meant to be eaten at the market.

Why Accept SNAP at the Market?

The MFM Board made the decision to accept SNAP at the market so that our market is open and accessible to all residents of Montgomery and the surrounding communities. There are people in every single community that need some help, so we want to make sure that anyone who wants to shop at our market has the opportunity to do so.

What is Produce Perks?

Produce Perks is an Ohio based matching program for SNAP.  The Produce Perks Program allows SNAP customers to swipe their Ohio Direction card at the market and, for every $1 of SNAP benefits they use, they will get $1 of Produce Perks tokens that can be used on produce at any participating Produce Perks location.  (Visit their website for a list of all locations where Produce Perks is currently accepted.)

The Produce Perks program provides a $25 match on SNAP/EBT and P-EBT purchases. This means that any amount spent with SNAP/EBT or P-EBT, up to $25, will be matched $1-for-$1. Produce Perks matching dollars can be spent on fruits and vegetables. That makes your produce 50% off!

Will this Benefit Me?

If you utilize SNAP benefits, this will certainly benefit you, but even if you don’t you may see some benefits. First, as a bonus to accepting SNAP benefits via EBT cards, the market will also be able to accept credit cards.  So if you forget to get cash before you show up on Saturday mornings, or if you unexpectedly find something wonderful to buy, you don’t have to leave to find an ATM, you can swipe your credit or debit card right there at the market manager’s booth.  Second, by opening the market up to more customers, it will strengthen the market as a whole, allowing us to attract and keep great vendors, meaning more great products for you to buy!

How Do I Use My EBT or Credit Card?

It’s easy, just bring your EBT or Credit card to the Market Manager’s Booth on Saturday.  We’ll swipe your card and you can purchase special “Farmers Bucks” that you can use at the market.  SNAP Farmers Bucks can only be used on SNAP eligible items, but Farmers Bucks purchased with credit or debit cards can be used on any item at the market, just like cash.  We will charge a small fee on credit/debit card swipes.  This covers the fees that our processor charges us and helps us pay the fees for folks who swipe their EBT cards.