Montgomery Farmers’ Market – Kids’ Tasting

The last Saturday in August is Kids’ Tasting Day. It goes like this: each child will be given a half sheet of paper with a list of participating vendors. They will then need to go around and get of the vendors to check their own box after the food is tasted. The expert judge (your child) brings their card to the manager’s booth for a market buck.

There are few things that are more joyful than witnessing a child beam with success as seen by their triumphant smile with their trophy in hand.  Seen below are some of the winners from last week’s Kids’ Tasting. Don’t forget to view the doggies, they were there too. (see below)

Some winners may have been omitted, either because there was too much activity around the Market Manager’s tent and I could not snap the pic fast enough or the winners’ parents declined to give permission to take a picture.

And, our canine friends enjoyed it too…