Wendigo Tea Company

Wendigo Tea is proud to sell only extremely high grade world class tea. Our goal is to supply you with a variety of teas that you will love to drink every morning for the rest of your life. We only sell the best available and we do it at a price drastically more affordable than our competitors, who are selling lower grade product! You don’t need to speak Chinese, attain enlightenment, perform ceremonies, be a hippy, or spend a ton of money to be able to drink ridiculously high quality tea every day. And you should be proud to serve any Wendigo teas to even the most pretentious tea snobs. We will always carry the best so you don’t need to drink some garbage from a tea bag or guess at a bunch of words in another language at a fancy tea shop. The world of tea is about to change. Wendigo Tea has arrived.

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Deadline for orders is FRIDAY by 5PM. Free delivery in the Montgomery area.

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