My Artisano Cheese and Yogurt

Address: 607 Shepherd Dr, Unit 6, Cincinnati, Ohio 45215
Phone: 513-399-7028
Questions? Contact Eduardo Rodriguez at (513) 399-7028
Vendor Since: 2019

Pre-Order: Please go to and select the Montgomery Pick-up option.

Deadline for orders is Friday at 2PM. Delivery is not available.

About Us:
At My Artisano Cheese and Yogurt we are dedicated to make fresh healthy artisan cheeses that people love.
Our unique cheeses character comes from:
Love dedicated each single batch of cheese
Best milk from local happy cows and goats
Natural probiotic cultures

Products We Sell:
Fresh, handmade artisan cheeses, found at TS Farms booth.

Our Practices:
The milk that is used in the production of our products come from 2 local farms; both use natural practices in maintaining and feeding the animals. The cows and goats are grass fed and are happy animals. Our cheese making and yogurt are made following natural fermentation process that makes them taste better.