Good Guys Gardens

Vendor Since: 2016

About Us:
Good Guys Gardens is a locally owned microgreen greenhouse based out of Lebanon, Ohio, a suburb of Cincinnati and Dayton areas.  Microgreens are vegetables and herbs at their first stage of growth, shortly after they sprout from their tiny seeds, and just before they grow their first set of “true leaves.”  Our microgreens are filled with nutrients and are grown with non-GMO seeds, organic soil, water, and sunlight.

Products We Sell:
We grow microgreens in multiple varieties.  We specialize in highly nutritious mixes that contain broccoli, cabbage, kale, and radish.  Our microgreens are packaged in a small recyclable clamshell to aid in quality and shelf life.

Our Practices:
Our microgreens are grown in organic soil and we only use non-GMO, organic seeds from reputable vendors.  Certifications from our suppliers are available upon request.  Our microgreens only grow for 7-10 days–there is never a need for pesticides or fertilizers in this amount of time.

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