Carly’s Clayworks

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Vendor Since: 2016

About Me: 
I am a ceramicist, living, working, and teaching in Cincinnati.  Always drawn to clay, I attended UC’s DAAP Program to study ceramics and earn my BFA in 2011.  In 2012 I began teaching pottery and handbuilding classes at Pleasant Ridge Rec Center and Clifton Rec Center.  2016 saw the wonderful addition of Covington’s Baker Hunt Cultural Arts Center to my pottery teaching circuit, and I am so glad to be a part of 3 different art communities.  In between classes, I work on my own pieces at my small home studio.  Each piece is lovingly handthrown on a pottery wheel, then decorated and finished in timing with clay’s natural drying process. After an 18-24 hour initial firing, each piece is dipped or painted with homemade glazes, and fired one more time to turn them into your favorite morning coffee cup.   My pieces are largely inspired by the patterns and repetitions of the micro and  macro natural world.  I hope you too will feel a bit more grounded and connected to this big world we live in,  as you use my wares.  See you at the Market!

Products We Sell:
I make ceramic wares; mostly functional pottery, like mugs, bowls, etc.