Probasco Urban Farm

Vendor Since: 2017

Our Practices:

All PUF’s products are raised on high quality materials with no pesticide application.  To do this, we rotate production stock in and out of our indoor grow room on a rapid cycle over three weeks.

All of our mushrooms are grown on fresh sawdust, straw, bran, and minerals, with home-produced starter or “inoculum.” By contrast, soil-based production is really attractive to critters, and that’s why the mushroom industry uses a lot of pesticides. We do not raise crimini or portobello, in order to stay true to this promise!

The varieties we raise – with the exception of SHIITAKE – are all indigenious native varieties. This means you could go for a walk in September or October, and you may even see a lion’s mane, a cluster of oysters, or a bouquet of enoki or even maitake mushrooms growing, from a tree, in the wild. Ours are grown indoors and can be seen for only about four days from emergence until harvest.

Products We Sell:

Fresh mushrooms:

  • Oyster, Lion’s Mane, Enoki – indoor grown
  • Wine Caps, August – October, outdoor grown
  • Maitake, Shiitake, August – October, indoor grown

Cultivation Kits
Dried Mushrooms

Other Markets:

    • Northside
    • Hyde Park