Kondita Heritage Bakery

Address: Cincinnati, Ohio.
Email: Avi Weizman aviweiz2@gmail.com
Website: Kondita Heritage Bakery on the web
Instagram: Kondita Heritage Bakery on Instagram
Facebook: Kondita Heritage Bakery on Facebook
Vendor Since: 2021

Pre-order: I do accept preorders that can be picked up. Please email me your preorders so you don’t miss out. Deadline for Saturday pickup is Thursday 5pm.

About Us:
Kondita Heritage Baking began in Seattle WA at the start of the pandemic and is now in Cincinnati! After cooking and baking for many years at local restaurants, baker Avi
Weizman (originally from Israel) decided to start a small Jewish baking business serving unique products.

Products We Sell:
Babka, Rugalach, challah, apfelkuchen, tahini-halva brownies,and more specialties. Rotating products, seasonal.
Not familiar with these items? Here are some brief descriptions of each:
Babka – a twisted, sweet, brioche bread, filled with either chocolate or cinnamon,
walnuts and raisins.
Rugalach – buttery, flaky cookie dough, gently rolled with either chocolate or a cinnamon
and walnut filling.
Apfelkuchen – German for “apple cake”, this is a light apple and pecan loaf.
Tehini-Halva brownies – A classic decadent brownie laced with sesame paste candy
and tehini marbled throughout.
Challah – a velvety, braided, egg bread.

Our Practices:
Under the cottage food laws I bake everything in my home kitchen. I enjoy not skimping on good ingredients to get the most flavorful and yummy treats to you using high quality ingredients, many organic when available, especially flour and eggs!!

Other Markets: Blue Ash (Wednesdays)