Fatty & Skinny Brand Sauces

Website: www.fattyandskinnybrand.com
Vendor Since: 2017

About Us:
Fatty & Skinny Brand Hot Sauce, Salsa and Seasonings as well as Secret Red Gravy and Daveed’s Olive Oil are the food creations of Chef David Cook of Daveed’s Catering in the Greater Cincinnati area.

Chef David’s sauces, salsa, rubs and seasoning are designed to compliment culinary creations but not overpower them. In addition, they contain no preservatives or artificial flavors and are gluten free and 100% vegetarian.

Products We Sell:
Hot Sauces, Salsas, Seasonings, and Rubs

Our Practices:
Fatty & Skinny products are made with a variety of fresh peppers grown in Chef David’s garden combined with other fresh, local (when possible) peppers. Chef David grows approximately 40% of the peppers used to create his sauces and his products are made in a 3-step process: Growing the peppers, cooking and blending the ingredients to create the sauces and bottling the sauces with his proprietary label for consumption.