RLM Woodworks

Address: 7230 Kranch Ct., Liberty Twp, OH 45044
Email: mahaffey_robert@yahoo.com
Website: https://www.rlmwoodworks.com/
Phone: (513) 518-2438
Vendor Since: 2017

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About Us:
Robert Mahaffey is a local cabinetmaker, artisan craftsman and proprietor of RLM Woodworks. Robert’s interest in woodworking began years ago, when he was in high school. And though his career path would take him in a different direction, it would be his lifelong passion for woodworking that would eventually lead him back to his first love…working with the splendor of natural woods.

Robert typically works with hardwoods like maple, walnut and cherry because of their beautiful colors and grain patterns. There’s beauty he says, in all of it…in each unique piece of wood which he purchases from local hardwood lumber suppliers. These cutting boards are all handcrafted and each is distinctly one-of- a-kind. Robert loves cooking, grilling, cabinet-making, gardening and hanging out with his two granddaughters. Stop by his booth and meet this modern day Renaissance man.

Products We Sell:
Custom Handmade Cutting Boards

Production Practices:
To create a one of a kind board I must first have a plan of what I want the board to look like. Then you go and select your lumber based on species. I choose to select my lumber from one of two sources. If I’m making a traditional board or lazy susan I will purchase my material from Paxton Lumber. If I’m making a live edge board I will purchase my material from The Ohio Wood Connection. As I am selecting the lumber I look for grain pattern and color. Now it’s time to mill your material and lay it down on a workbench and let the pieces speak to you as to where they will be laid out on the board. Once that is determined it’s time to glue up the pieces. I use Titebond III glue, which is waterproof and food safe. Once the glue has cured (approximately 24 hours) it’s time to sand. Once sanding is complete I apply several coats of mineral oil and beeswax to the traditional and live edge boards. Both the mineral oil and beeswax are food safe as well. Any type of oil, other than mineral oil will cause your board to go rancid. The lazy susan will receive a hard durable varnish finish.