Halcyon Salsa

517 West 7th Street
Newport, KY 41071
Email: info@halcyonsalsa.com
Website: www.halcyonsalsa.com
Vendor Since: 2018

About Us:

Halcyon (Hal-See-Yon) Salsa started in Kevin Mackey’s kitchen in 2009 as an experiment to try and cook with non-processed foods that still satisfied a salt tooth. Over years, the recipes were perfected and batches were made for friends and family.

It was a major hit. “KMack’s Salsa” was a thing, so now Halcyon Salsa is commercially manufacturing it and sharing it with you! For now, our sole market is Cincinnati, but we will expand into other salsa loving cities like Denver and Portland soon.

Products We Sell:
A variety of fresh salsas made within 48 hours of the market

Our Practices:
Halcyon salsa is committed to fresh, natural productions practices.  During peak season, we source food locally through the Ohio Valley Food Connection.  Off peak produce comes from Pies Produce in Reading.

Other Markets:

  • Findlay Market
  • Hyde Park
  • Deerfield
  • Northside