The Spelt

Location: Findley Kitchen, Cincinnati, Ohio



Vendor Since: 2023

Pre-ordering is available on my website for pick-up at the Market!

About Us: The Spelt is a microbakery located in Cincinnati, Ohio founded by Samanatha Knight. The Spelt originated as a digital food log to share delicious, homemade vegan food and baked goods with everyone. But after a year of nearly constant baking and cooking, Samantha fell in love with sourdough and decided to share her bread. She bakes artisan, naturally-leavened sourdough using local flour. Every batch of sourdough is sustainable, hand-mixed and absolutely delicious.

Products We Sell:  Everything is made with sourdough. I offer several different types of sourdough breads including a country loaf, oat porridge loaf, salted rye loaf, and many focaccia variations. I also offer sourdough cinnamon rolls. Every item is vegan besides the use of honey in the honey focaccia. 

Contact Information: Contact Samantha at or 330-361-9695 for emergencies!