Motherlode Kombucha

Address: Cincinnati, Ohio
Vendor Since: 2020

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About Us:
”‹”‹”‹Motherlode is a Cincinnati women-owned and operated startup that believes in providing a high quality non-alcoholic beverage to the people and businesses of the Cincy area and beyond. We believe you don’t need to drink alcohol to feel good or have fun and we aim to provide a delicious beverage that nourishes the body and spirit.

What makes our kombucha special is the unique flavor and fizz factor. Crafted for taste perfection, we don’t believe kombucha should resemble straight vinegar or sugary soda. We’re into finding that optimal balance in between, slightly sweet and mildly tart with a bang of refreshing effervescence. We use fresh organic ingredients to create bold flavors that taste how they should so you can have your kombucha and drink it too.

Motherlode officially launched in June of 2019 and manufactures out of Kickstart Kitchen, an incubator kitchen in Covington, KY.

Products We Sell:
This ancient elixer originated in China and dates back over 2000 years. In essence, it is a fermented sweet tea. The culture of beneficial bacteria and yeasts consume the majority of the sugar and caffeine and so you are left with the delicious and nourishing tangy-sweet and fizzy drink that we call kombucha.

Our Practices:
Our kombucha is made with organic green tea, so it includes the benefits green tea offers plus the benefits of kombucha. Kombucha contains beneficial probiotics for gut health, naturally occurring B vitamins that your body can actually absorb, antioxidants to detoxify and fight free radicals, and is naturally antibacterial, introducing good bacteria to help combat infection. Pretty cool huh?”‹