Marx Hot Bagels

9701 Kenwood Road
Blue Ash, OH 45242
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Vendor Since: 2021

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About Us:
A Classic Kosher Bagel Shop Marx Hot Bagels has been a favorite of Cincinnatians since 1969.

Products We Sell:

Our Practices:
Marx Hot Bagels are made from high gluten, unbleached flour, and contain no preservatives. Our bagels are boiled in water, baked on stone shelves and contain no butter or oil.

The Scentery

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Vendor Since: 2021

About Us:
The Scentery is a small home-based business located in Montgomery, Ohio. We are purveyors of aromatics. We specialize in the creation of handcrafted soaps, beauty bars and uniquely scented bath, body and home products.

Products We Sell:
Welcome to The Scentery. We are new to the Montgomery Farmer’s Market and are purveyors of uniquely scented bath, body & home products, including: handcrafted body balms, moisturizers, mousse, shampoo bars, pomades, bath salts, scrubs, exfoliants, body & linen sprays, candles and mosquito repellent . Each batch that we craft is made from scratch using all natural ingredients and no two batches are exactly alike. Every product is created with the specific objective of stirring the senses while beautifying you or your space. Our unique and custom creations are perfect for personal use or gifting.

Our Practices:
The Scentery believes in using sustainable, natural ingredients and practices. We do not support the use of animal testing and try to source local and organic ingredients in the creation of our wonderful products. And because we care about you… Our soaps, shampoos and other products are meant for you and your skin to enjoy for external use only. Please always consult your doctor or qualified health professional should you have any concerns about using our products. If you are allergic or concerned about sensitivity to any of the ingredients in our products, please do not buy or use them.

Want to learn more? Feel free to check out our website, or visit our Facebook page, The Scentery. We also welcome pre-orders through our website or via

We look forward to meeting you!


Address: Headquarters – 4720 Vine St. St. Bernard, OH 45217
Phone: (513) 446-7505
Email: Sara Bornick
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Vendor Since: 2021

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About Us
As a kid, there was no joy more pure than eating an ice pop. Who cared that it was a preservative- filled concoction made with high-fructose corn syrup. Now that you’re older and wiser, you can recapture the same bliss with the delicious, chemical-free creations you’ll find at streetpops. Made from unique combinations of fresh ingredients and unexpected flavors, these sophisticated pops will make you feel giddy again.

Wondering who’s concocting these crazy-delicious flavors? Sara is the owner and founder of streetpops. With a creative heart, she started her career in graphic design. However, her passion for food and drink took her to the Midwest Culinary Institute. While there, Sara started to develop specialty ice cream recipes for family and friends. She then traveled around Europe and was inspired by a variety of new ingredients and flavor combinations. However, it wasn’t until she visited a local “popsicle shop” on a trip to North Carolina that she got the idea to convert her ice cream recipes into popsicles.

In 2011, streetpop was born! It started as a mobile business at the first ever City Flea/OTR 5K event. In 2012, she opened the first “pop shop” in Over the Rhine, followed by the Oakley location in 2015. Stop in, meet Sara, and try her creations! She recommends her favorite flavors avocado, mango chili, and rhubarb cardamom.

Products We Sell:
streetpops, an ice pop.

Production Practices:
streetpops are always made with fresh fruit and herbs, use local and organic ingredients whenever possible and never include anything you can’t pronounce, unless you have trouble with “cardamom”.

Senior Care Partners

Mailing Address: PO Box 42485 Cincinnati, Ohio 45242
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Vendor Since: 2021

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About Us:
The transition to a senior living community can be a complicated and emotional process. Senior Care Partners is a locally owned and operated placement agency for seniors. The wide-ranging experience of our advisors helps us guide you through the process to find the best care option for your loved one. We understand all our clients are different and work with you every step of the way for a seamless, hassle- free experience at no cost to you and your family.

Kelsey’s Homegrown Vegetables

Mailing address: 5477 Belwood Lane, Morrow OH 45152
Farm address: 1038 East Fork Rd, New Vienna OH 45159
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Vendor Since: 2021

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About Us:
Kelsey’s Homegrown Vegetables is a small vegetable and flower farm in New Vienna, OH.

Products We Sell:
Fresh seasonal vegetables and flowers including lettuce, greens, broccoli, carrots, radishes, peas, onions, tomatoes, peppers, beans, cucumbers, beets, squash, and a variety of other produce.

Production Practices:
All vegetables and flowers are grown on our no-till farm that never uses herbicides or synthetic pesticides. We use organic practices to ensure the safety and quality of our produce. Everything sold is grown on our farm.

Westwind Flower Farm

Address: Cincinnati, Ohio.
Facebook: Westwind Flower Farm on Facebook
Vendor Since: 2021

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About Us
I’m Amy Phipps Owner of Westwind Flower Farm located in Montgomery Ohio.
A small-scale farm producing specialty cut flowers for weekly subscriptions, market bouquets and DIY brides. This year I started flower-farming full time. I love the mechanics and challenge of growing flowers and sharing them in my community.

I use regenerative and organic techniques to improve the soil and give back to the land as I grow chemical-free, pollinator-friendly blooms.

I am a member of the Floret Flower-Farmer Collective.

Products We Sell:
Each week I bring an assortment of cut flowers to market depending on availability. Stemmed bunches and mixed spring specialty flowers including anemones, ranunculus, hellebores and tulips. Summer -Peony, Sunflowers, Zinnias, Dahlia and more. You can purchase flowers by contacting me directly or visiting me at the Montgomery Farmer’s Market.


Address: Located on Fair Ridge in southern Highland County, Ohio less than 50 miles from downtown Cincinnati as the crow flies.
Website: Fair Ridge Farms on the web
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Vendor Since: 2021

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About Us
Fair Ridge Farms is the longest operating CSA (community supported agriculture) in the region (under same ownership), since 2009. Our CSA has a pick-up site in Montgomery, since 2014.
In 2018 we added a food processing facility on the farm and began making ready to eat foods and beverages made with locally grown ingredients.
Our Kombucha is the only kombucha in the nation that is flavored exclusively with locally grown fruit and/or herbs.
All our fruit flavors are INFUSED with local grown fruits.
All our herbal flavors are BREWED with local grown herbs.
We are excited to bring our Kombucha to the Montgomery Farmers’ Market!

Products We Sell:
Kombucha flavored exclusively with locally grown fruit and/or herbs.

Food Production Practices
Kombucha is made in our state-licensed processing/bottling on-farm facility.

Viviano Wellness

Address: Cincinnati, OH 45249
Facebook: Viviano Wellness Herbal Health

Pre-order: Email by Thursday evening. Just click “Contact” on the bottom of any page on my website or directly email me.

Herbal Syrups, Herbal Teas, Herbal Pet Treats, Herbal Broth Mixes, Chocolate Products with Mushroom Powder

The women from my mom’s side are from the Trois-Rivieres tribe and have been skilled at growing plants and making broths for medicinal purposes.
I’m following in my ancestors footsteps by offering herbal and mushroom products for health.

Special Practices:
I’m so excited to offer my newest products made from Homemade Organic Mushroom Powder! After drying organic mushroom slices under a UV garden light (to absorb lots of Vitamin D!), I add my homemade mushroom powder to organic raw cacao powder to make delicious chocolate products.

Dree’s Designs

Mailing Address:
9484 Longren Court
Blue Ash, OH 45242
Email address:

Website: Drees Designs
Facebook Site: Drees Designs on Facebook
Vendor Since: 2021
Pre-order: 513-706-6070 or

About Us/Products We Sell/Our Practices:
For $35 per person we bring a mobile painting party to you! We customize every painting to your desires and we bring everything you would need to host. Feel free to add wine/beer, pizza/snacks, birthday cakes or whatever you like. It’s a party! Great for kids birthdays, girls/guys nights out or any other special event. Or no special event at all!
We can paint outdoors in your backyard (or mine in Blue Ash, OH), indoors with drop cloths to protect your furnishings, or at a rented space/public park. Contact Dree at 513-706-6070 or to work out the details of your own customized painting party!

Happy Me Designs (Tagua)

Address: 166 Brentwood Place, Fort Thomas, KY 41075
Facebook Site:
Phone: (859) 912-3121
Vendor Since: 2019


About Us:

Our Products:
Our products include earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, and figurines.

Most of our products are made from Tagua. Tagua (pronounced TAG-WAH) is a seed from a palm-like tree that grows in the tropical rainforests of Ecuador, Colombia, and Brazil. Also known as the “vegetable ivory” because of its rich ivory color and shiny texture, Tagua discourages the use of actual ivory in jewelry production.

Production Practices: