Tom’s Garden

Vendor Since: 2015

About Us:
Tom’s Garden sprouted in 2010, although it first germinated 25 years ago. That’s when Tom planted his first peppers using cayenne, jalapeno, Hungarian hot wax and one new variety – a habanero. He first used the new habaneros as party snacks daring friends to try at weekend get-togethers. This progressed into canning, which led to many amusing memories of experimenting with friends and family.

After an unimaginable amount of recipes, trials and errors did Tom finally develop his favorite concoction, Tom’s Garden Man Sauce. Wary be to the uninitiated as Tom went seeking his final test…tears, sweat and screams of joy for his newly created sauce. Soon to follow was Tom’s Garden Woman Sauce for the more sensitive taste buds and the neophytes not yet acquainted with capsaicin. Not as intimidating as Man Sauce, it offers an exciting flavor to the jalapeno-base pepper sauce. Tom’s Garden dedication to flavor and taste and determination to use only the freshest peppers and highest quality ingredients drives his intensity toward his number one concern…customer satisfaction.

Products We Sell:
Hot sauces–mild and hot; jalapeno mustard, habanero dry rub.

Other Markets:
Blue Ash