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New Vienna, OH 45159
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Vendor Since: 2010
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About Us:
Tiffany and Tim Shinkle went from hobby farming to full time farming in 2007, when Tim lost his job at DHL. This allowed Tim to fulfill his dream to live off of their land in New Vienna, Ohio. Their three daughters Traci, Tara, and Tessa are very instrumental in the daily operations of the farm. They utilize about 150 acres in 7 locations. They started with a cow and goat herd share program, and quickly expanded to meet local demand for eggs, beef, lamb, chicken and pork. They also raise duck, quail, goat, and turkeys. All of their animals are pasture raised: no hormones, steroids, antibiotics, are used. They use essential oils and holistic practices to care for their animals. In 2012 they started their own feed business, TS Naturals, due to a lack in supply of non-GMO animal feeds. All of their feeds are made with non-GMO grains grown locally and organic mineral supplements. They do sell feed to the public.

Products We Sell:
Our family offers all cuts of beef, pork, chicken, lamb, eggs, goats milk soaps, maple syrup, jams/jellies and raw milk herd shares. Our animals are raised using regenerative agriculture practices. We rotate our animals from one field to the next working to improve soil health, increasing biodiversity and enhancing the ecosystem. We do not use hormones, steroids or antibiotics. Jam and jellies, free range chicken eggs, quail eggs, pasture raised beef, pastured hog (bacon, seasoned sausage flavors, chops, roasts, ribs, etc.), goat and lamb meat (also pasture raised), pasture raised chicken in various cuts, locally produce maple syrup, hot sausage sandwiches made with Blue Oven bread, whole rabbit, whole duck, whole turkey, ground turkey, turkey breast and wings.

Our Practices:
All animals are pasture raised with no hormones or antibiotics. All animals are fed non-GMO grains. No use of pesticides or chemicals on the pasture.

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