T S Farms

11061 Careytown Rd
New Vienna, OH 45159
Website: T S Farms
Vendor Since: 2010

Products We Sell:
Jam and jellies, free range chicken eggs, quail eggs, pasture raised beef, pastured hog (bacon, seasoned sausage flavors, chops, roasts, ribs, etc.), goat and lamb meat (also pasture raised), pasture raised chicken in various cuts, locally produce maple syrup, hot sausage sandwiches made with Blue Oven bread, whole rabbit, whole duck, whole turkey, ground turkey, turkey breast and wings.

Our Practices:
All animals are pasture raised with no hormones or antibiotics.  All animals are fed non-GMO grains.  No use of pesticides or chemicals on the pasture.

Other Markets:

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  • Pipkins Market
  • Ohio Valley Food Connection