White Oak Valley Farm’s Summer Squash Pizza Crust

Address: 4153 Kincheloe Rd, Georgetown, OH 45121
Facebook site: Wittmeyer White Oak Valley Farm
Website: Wittmeyer White Oak Valley Farm on the Web
Vendor Since: 2010

Questions? Contact Terry Kiser at (513) 404-1238 or terrykiser1@yahoo.com.

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These popular pizza crusts are a quick and health choice for dinner. They taste great on the grill and are especially good topped with garlic olive oil, fresh spinach and mozzarella cheese. Don’t forget the delicious zucchini cornbread and muffins.

About Us:
In 1853, Fred and Minnie Wittmeyer came to Anderson Township, Ohio from Wittenberg, Germany, and began farming the fertile soil of the area known as Clough Pike. The area today known as Clough Crossing and the subdivision known as Telegraph Hill were the first locations of the Wittmeyer farm market stand. Lawrence Wittmeyer moved his farm to Georgetown, Ohio, in the 1980s and his niece, Terry Kiser, has been working with him for many years.

Products We Sell:
We grow fresh vegetables for market–bush beans, lima beans, peppers, tomatoes, cabbages, cucumbers, melons, eggplant, zucchini, squash, and snap peas.
In addition, we bake a delicious Summer Squash Pizza Crust using our fresh vegetables!
The Summer Squash Pizza Crusts are completely baked, made with zucchini and squash from our farm and are a healthy choice for dinner. We love to top ours with garlic olive oil, fresh spinach, and mozzarella cheese.

Our Practices:
Weed control is only hand and mechanical cultivation, and we use no herbicides. We use mulches to slow down weed growth. We use drip irrigation with water harvested from guttered barns and White Oak Creek. We fertilize with organic compost/aged manures from neighboring farms. All plants are grown from seeds that we germinate in our hoophouse. We minimize spraying for insects and rarely do. When needed, we use organic sprays and insecticide soaps.

All of our baked goods and pizza crusts are made with vegetables we grow and from other local farms. We also bake with eggs purchased from a neighboring farm as often as we can.

Other Markets:

  • Blue Ash Farmers’ Market
  • O.O.F. Market at Summit Park in Blue Ash
  • WestSide Market