Coffee Emporium

Vendor Since: 2020

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About Us:
Great tasting coffee is the foundation of our business.

Origin – We have a quality-comes-first attitude, which is why we hand select the world’s most delightful coffees from family-owned farms all over the globe. These are farms that share our vision of quality by using traditional and sustainable farming practices. Whenever we can, we work directly with the farmers to guarantee that they get the best possible price for their hard work and quality product. And in turn, we are able to cultivate relationships that ensure we can provide our customers with the finest coffee available.
Roast – Our artisan roaster skillfully roasts the finest quality beans in small batches at our own roastery. His careful attention to an optimum roast honors both the farmer’s skill and the unique flavor qualities inherent to the bean.
Service – We are the oldest coffee house operating in Cincinnati Ohio. We have been acknowledged for having the best coffee in the city and the best atmosphere to enjoy it in. This level of pride translates to our highly trained staff. Through continued education and by gaining invaluable learning experience through service, we strive to empower our employees as craftspeople.But perhaps most importantly, we strive to be present in our local community and the world at large. Through our incomparable service and our generous contributions we hope to impart upon our customers an understanding of our commitment to both coffee and community.

Products We Sell:
Hot coffee, Iced Coffee, Nitro, Cold-Brew, Tea, Ground Beans, Whole Beans

Other Locations:
Over-The-Rhine Cafe
Hyde Park Cafe