Pure Honey

Address: Cincinnati, Ohio
Email: andrew.kartal@gmail.com
Phone: 513-382-8246
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Vendor Since: 2014

About Us:

Products We Sell:
Pure/raw honey and related products to include: comb bees wax and pollen (seasonal) creamed honey (Seasonal)

Our Practices:
Raw honey, nothing added, fresh from the hive.

JWK Juicery

Address: Morrow, OH
Email: juicingwithkiwi@gmail.com
Phone: 937-430-9881
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Vendor Since: 2022


About Us:
Juicing with kiwi also known as JWK Juicery was founded by Kiara Russell, a bank loan officer turned, stay at home mom, turned entrepreneur. Coming from a family that has battled with diabetes, heart failure, cancers, and variety of diet related illnesses this was my true calling to help in service my community.

I created a three-day juice cleanse, I personally formulated recipes using my prior knowledge from Central State University in biochemistry, biology and nutrition. I documented every step of the way filming and uploading the journey via Instagram and YouTube. During these three days I abstained from solid foods only giving my body raw unpasteurized whole nutrients.

The buzz grew rapidly, family and friends begin ordering the three-day juice reboot losing up to 10 pounds each cycle, but the weight loss wasn’t the goal! The goal was to introduce fasting, living breathing nutrients, and mental clarity to the body. We achieved this by subconsciously forcing clients to go on a plant-based diet for three consecutive days.

During the state of fasting, we encourage our clients to take a spiritual journey as well, a journey of self-discovery and different level of gratitude.

A single bottle of raw 100% juice can contain up to 5 pounds of fruits and vegetables! Imagine all of those living enzymes and phytonutrients being pumped into your body in a condensed form, its truly an amazing feeling.

JWK’S juicer’s mission is simple “We are juicing for the Mind, Body and Soul! Our sole purpose is to help educate, encourage and support as many people as possible on their journey to a healthier happier life.”

Products We Sell:
Delightfully healthy Cold Pressed Juice, Juice Cleanses & Mobile Juice Bar

  • Cold pressed 100% natural juices
  • Garden of Eden Elderberry syrup
  • Handcrafted crystal necklaces
  • Wellness shots
  • Occasional Acai and dragon fruit bowls

Our Practices:
We are 100% Artisan; we source the bulk of our produce locally using our harvest farm which is conventionally.
located inside of the incubator kitchen as well. We also source from Roothouse Aquatics another vendor at the Montgomery Farmers
Market also using local honey from delicious farm on our smoothie bowls. The use of Organic ingredients is preferred, organic and local.

Honey Child Artisian Pops

Address: Cincinnati, OH
Email: sarah@honeychildpops.com
Phone: 513-800-9011
Website: Honey Child Artisian Pops Website
Instagram Site: Honey Child Artisian Pops Instagram
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Vendor Since: 2022


About Us:
We started Honey Child Artisan Pops after a chance encounter with an ice cream truck. We wanted a treat for ourselves and our children, but we did not want all that sugar and dairy. We wondered why there were not delicious dairy and sugar-free treats available from that ice cream truck and in stores at large. After not finding what we were looking for in the market, we decided to start making them ourselves. Damien Thompson is a commercial food photographer with a background in marketing and design. Sarah Thompson is a former professional dancer and yoga instructor with a background in herbal medicine. We poured our complimentary expertise and our shared love for delicious food and a healthy lifestyle to create Honey Child Artisan Pops. Our daughters help us with flavor development, and they taste (and approve) every flavor before it goes out to our carts.

Products We Sell:
Our delicious frozen treats are made from whole blended fruit and veggies. They are naturally sweetened with honey or maple syrup if we use any added sweetener at all. Some of our pops also include superfood ingredients, plant-based proteins and adaptogens. They are like a smoothie on a stick! All of our pops are naturally free from dairy, gluten, and cane sugar. You can really taste the difference.

Our Practices:
At Honey Child we make all of our delicious hand-crafted pops with no cane sugar, dairy, or gluten. Instead, we sweeten our pops with a touch of honey or maple syrup if we use any sweetener at all. Our Power Pops go a step further, incorporating plant-based proteins and superfood ingredients. They’re like a smoothie on a stick. You really can taste the difference!

Final Course Gourmet Desserts

Address: Liberty Township, Ohio
Email: lynn@dfinalcoursegd.com
Phone: 513-535-5340
Website: Final Course Gourmet Desserts Website
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Vendor Since: 2022


About Us:
What started as a favorite dessert for family gatherings, soon became the go to dish for potluck dinners and other events. The demand for this signature banana pudding continued to increase over the years. In fact, people started offering to pay for, or purchase ingredients to have it made. This delicious treat sparked the creation of “Final Course Gourmet Desserts!” We take pride in knowing there is nothing more pleasing than providing customers with our unique confection that will delight the taste buds with every bite!

Products We Sell:
Cheesecake cups, Banana pudding cups, pound cake, sweet potato pie

Dude, Seriously

Address: Cincinnati, Ohio
Email: kai@dudeseriously.com
Phone: 310-490-1918
Website: Dude, Seriously Website
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Vendor Since: 2022


About Us:
Dude, Seriously makes Cincinnati’s best hot sauce. We make a sauce that not only tastes great but supplies a heat that will make you say “dude, seriously!” A percentage of our profits are given to a charity of our choice every month. Its a great feeling to have a product that sells, but making a product that changes the world is what really drives us dude, seriously.

Products We Sell:
Dude, Seriously Hot Sauce and Dude, Seriously Bloody Mary mix.

Our Practices:
We use Hinkle Fine Foods, a Dayton, OH based food manufacturer to produce our award-winning products.

Kim’s Cookies

Address: Cincinnati, Ohio
Email: KimsCookiesCincy@gmail.com,
Phone: 513-512-5975
Website: Kim’s Cookies Website
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Vendor Since: 2021


About Us:
Hi! I’m Kim with Kim’s Cookies. I’m a home baker located near Cincinnati, Ohio in Northeast Hamilton County. I sell decorated sugar cookies as well as Decorate Your Own Cookie Kits and Paint Your Own Cookies. All of my items (unless otherwise noted) are baked to order and available for pick up 5 days after your order is confirmed.

So why cookies?

Some of my earliest memories involve baking Christmas sugar cookies with my Grandmother and Mother. The yearly tradition was a highlight of the holiday season. As I got older and lost both my mother and grandmother, I took over the mantle as family cookie baker.

For the first few years, I kept the decorations simple-the colored sugars and sprinkles that I grew up with. Then I got asked to help out with a friend’s baby shower. I wanted to make something really special to go along with the jungle animals theme of our party, so I looked up decorating with royal icing. After some trial and error, I had some pretty decent cookies. Everyone at the shower raved about how pretty (and tasty!) they were and that was it. I was hooked on royal icing.

Products We Sell:
Cookies and custom decorated cookies is a really fun way to bring family and others together. Doing so sparked an idea. What if you could buy a kit with pre-baked cookies and premixed icing and all you had to do was decorate? After all, that was the fun part. The pre-work (the mixing, rolling, and baking) would be taken care of for you. Just the thing for our busy, modern life. I decided to give it a try. Kim’s Cookie Kits was born.

I did still host a cookie decorating party with some of our friends each year around Christmas. It was a fun way to celebrate the holidays and get some baking out of the way at the same time. And, it wasn’t as labor intensive as making the cookies on my own, because each family brought some pre-baked cookies and I mixed up the icing. Then we all decorated together.

Our Practices:
I still use my Grandmother’s Christmas Sugar Cookie recipe and my mother’s rolling pin.


Address: 6707 Bray Road Goshen OH 45122
Email: laorangette@gmail.com
Phone: 513-201-7579
Website: LaOrangette Website
Instragram Site: LaOrangette Instragram
Facebook Site: LaOrangette on Facebook
Vendor Since: 2021


About Us:
We started La Orangette mobile so we can reach as many of you far and wide and bring you our happy juice. We use the freshest ingredients and fresh squeezed juice, blend and serve all fresh right in front of you so you know what you are getting in every cup and bowl, no preservatives or added sugars and no nonsense.

About Us:
We started La Orangette mobile so we can reach as many of you far and wide and bring you our happy juice. We use the freshest ingredients and fresh squeezed juice, blend and serve all fresh right in front of you so you know what you are getting in every cup and bowl, no preservatives or added sugars and no nonsense.

We are all about healthy eating and healthy choices. Our smoothies, bowls and juices are made from all natural whole fruits and pure ingredients, we use the best ingredients with no added sugars or preservatives. 100% vegan, gluten free and dairy free. Your body will thank you!

Love your body and the planet!

Products We Sell:
We serve refreshing and super nutritious smoothies that you can also make into a smoothie bowl. Bowls are a thick fruit smoothies topped with fresh fruits, a mix of either coconut, granola, chia or hemp seeds & agave or chocolate drizzle. Add to that juices, lemonade, classic lemonade, and fresh unsweetened tea.

Our Practices:
We take pride in being 100% Vegan, Gluten Free and Biodegradable.


Address: 3500 Michigan Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45208
Email: BreadsmithCincy@gmail.com
Website: Breadsmith Website
Instragram Site: Breadsmith on Instagram
Facebook Site: Breadsmith on Facebook
Vendor Since: 2021


About Us:
Located near Hyde Park Square, Breadsmith serves the best bread in Cincinnati. All of our artisan breads are made from scratch using the finest ingredients and are baked in a five-ton European hearth stone oven. We also offer freshly made sweets, including muffins, cookies, and scones. Our neighborhood bakery is also actively involved in our community, donating our unsold bread at the end of each day and sponsoring local events and non-profit organizations.

Products We Sell:
We’re proud to serve a wide selection of artisan breads and sweets made from only the finest ingredients. Take a look at the delicious baked goods we offer throughout the week and call us to reserve your family’s favorites.

Our Practices:
Everything is made locally. Our flour is milled to our exacting specifications.

Boone Creek Creamery

Mailing Address: 2416 Palumbo Dr., Ste 110, Lexington, KY 40509
Phone Numbers: 859.402.2364 Toll Free: 866.835.2135
Email Contact for questions: Jonathan Thompson, info@KYCheese.com or 859-402-2364
Website: Boone Creek Creamery on the web
Facebook Site: Boone Creek Creamery on Facebook
Instagram Site: Not yet
Vendor Since: 2021

Pre-Order: Soon to be listed

About Boone Creek Creamery:
In the heart of Kentucky’s Bluegrass Region, is Boone Creek Creamery where we create handmade artisan cheeses such as Abbey Road Cheese, Blackberry Serenade Cheese, French Cheddar Cheese, Jerk Cheddar Cheese, Kentucky Derby Cheese, Mama Mia Cheese, Sassy Redhead Cheese, Scandinavian Grilling Cheese, Smokey Mountain Cheese, Tuscan Sun Cheese, and Boone Blue Cheese. We believe that hand-making cheese creates a richer, more complex flavor so we use old world European techniques to protect the delicate curds. We use only the best Kentucky Proud milk from cows that graze on nutrient rich grasses as nature intended–free of antibiotics, hormones, and steroids. Come in for a tour of our cheese making facility and taste for yourself why Boone Creek Creamery is howlin’ good.

Zoftig Bakehouse

Address: Montgomery, Ohio
Email: zoftigbakes@gmail.com
Website: Click Here!
Instagram Site: Zoftig Bakehouse on Instagram
Vendor Since: Spring 2021
Pre-Order: YES, on the web site under “Pre Orders”

About Us:
This small business grew out of the year of pandemic baking that was 2020. I’m Jess, a (mostly) self-taught cook and baker. When COVID-19 had us all in lockdown, I decided to spend some time baking “Pandemic Patisserie” boxes to make my friends and family smile…and now here we are. My favorite baked goods are delicious and satisfying with interesting and complex flavors. I’ll take quality over quantity any day, and that’s what I aim to offer to you each week. I’ve always enjoyed the challenge of creating vegan and wheat-free treats as well, so you’ll also see some of these on the menu each week.

Products We Sell:
Currently I sell primarily cookies (sold both individually and pre-packaged), but I also sell my granola which is baked slowly in small batches each week, as well as a breakfast cake or muffin of the week. My menu is still very much in development, so my offerings will change weekly. Hopefully, you’ll find that more interesting!

Production Practices:
I operate under the cottage food laws and bake everything in my home. As I am just getting up and running this Summer (2021), my goal is to source more and more from the incredible local producers available at our Montgomery Farmers’ Market. I use high quality ingredients, many organic, and source for freshness and flavor.