Marx Hot Bagels

9701 Kenwood Road
Blue Ash, OH 45242
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Vendor Since: 2021

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About Us:
A Classic Kosher Bagel Shop Marx Hot Bagels has been a favorite of Cincinnatians since 1969.

Products We Sell:

Our Practices:
Marx Hot Bagels are made from high gluten, unbleached flour, and contain no preservatives. Our bagels are boiled in water, baked on stone shelves and contain no butter or oil.


Address: Headquarters – 4720 Vine St. St. Bernard, OH 45217
Phone: (513) 446-7505
Email: Sara Bornick
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Vendor Since: 2021

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About Us
As a kid, there was no joy more pure than eating an ice pop. Who cared that it was a preservative- filled concoction made with high-fructose corn syrup. Now that you’re older and wiser, you can recapture the same bliss with the delicious, chemical-free creations you’ll find at streetpops. Made from unique combinations of fresh ingredients and unexpected flavors, these sophisticated pops will make you feel giddy again.

Wondering who’s concocting these crazy-delicious flavors? Sara is the owner and founder of streetpops. With a creative heart, she started her career in graphic design. However, her passion for food and drink took her to the Midwest Culinary Institute. While there, Sara started to develop specialty ice cream recipes for family and friends. She then traveled around Europe and was inspired by a variety of new ingredients and flavor combinations. However, it wasn’t until she visited a local “popsicle shop” on a trip to North Carolina that she got the idea to convert her ice cream recipes into popsicles.

In 2011, streetpop was born! It started as a mobile business at the first ever City Flea/OTR 5K event. In 2012, she opened the first “pop shop” in Over the Rhine, followed by the Oakley location in 2015. Stop in, meet Sara, and try her creations! She recommends her favorite flavors avocado, mango chili, and rhubarb cardamom.

Products We Sell:
streetpops, an ice pop.

Production Practices:
streetpops are always made with fresh fruit and herbs, use local and organic ingredients whenever possible and never include anything you can’t pronounce, unless you have trouble with “cardamom”.


Address: Located on Fair Ridge in southern Highland County, Ohio less than 50 miles from downtown Cincinnati as the crow flies.
Website: Fair Ridge Farms on the web
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Vendor Since: 2021

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About Us
Fair Ridge Farms is the longest operating CSA (community supported agriculture) in the region (under same ownership), since 2009. Our CSA has a pick-up site in Montgomery, since 2014.
In 2018 we added a food processing facility on the farm and began making ready to eat foods and beverages made with locally grown ingredients.
Our Kombucha is the only kombucha in the nation that is flavored exclusively with locally grown fruit and/or herbs.
All our fruit flavors are INFUSED with local grown fruits.
All our herbal flavors are BREWED with local grown herbs.
We are excited to bring our Kombucha to the Montgomery Farmers’ Market!

Products We Sell:
Kombucha flavored exclusively with locally grown fruit and/or herbs.

Food Production Practices
Kombucha is made in our state-licensed processing/bottling on-farm facility.

Southern Grace Cincy Catering

Address: 1719 Elm Street Cincinnati, OH 45202
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Phone: (513) 808-5819
Vendor Since: 2020

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About Us:
So how did Southern Grace Cincy Catering come about? It was September 2015, I wrote a journal entry to God asking him what my purpose was and he began to remind me of my experience and what I had learned over the last 17 years of my life. I started working in restaurants at 15 years old. I gain experience over the years in the restaurant business, customer service, accounting, managerial experience. I enjoy loving people. I remember hearing a little voice say” What have you done most of your life”? I stepped out on faith applied for “Mortar Cincinnati” and started Southern Grace Cincy “Southern Homestyle Catering Company”. I started thinking about southern hospitality, southern food, warm, heartfelt, and love. For me, grace is something very dear to me because of what I have overcome over the years of my life. I also remember being taught as a child to acknowledge God before eating by saying grace and he gives it to me daily.

As an owner of Southern Grace Cincy Catering, I want every guest to feel loved and cared for. I want people to fall in love with warm heartfelt favors in every bite of our food. My goal is to provide fresh quality food that will be remembered and create long-lasting memories with friends and family. We are currently doing catering for corporate events, social events, weddings, receptions, birthday parties, showers, and pop-ups. The second phase to Southern Grace would be to open a brick and mortar within the Cincinnati area and employ returning citizens into society. I believe everyone shall be given a fair chance to become who they were created to be.

Our Products
Catering is a main staple of oour business. Please visit our website for the latest menu as it changes on a regular basis.

Production Practices:

Spice Spice Baby

Address: 9853 Tollgate Lane, Cincinnati, OH 45242
Web Site:
Phone: (513) 608-0462
Vendor Since: 2020

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Deadline for orders is FRIDAY by 5PM.

Questions? Contact Debbie at (513) 608-0462 or

About Us:
We are a locally owned and operated retailer of custom blended spices and bbq rubs. We have a large variety of signature spice blends for foodies, culinary professionals and home chefs. Our products are hand produced in our home as we are deemed a cottage batch industry.

Products We Sell:
We sell 25 varieties of custom blended spices and bbq rubs.

Production Practices:
Our products are additive & preservative free spice blends and bbq rubs. Extremely versatile and good for use on proteins and vegetables, great for grilling, baking and the smoker.

JuicyMelt Supreme Hot Sauce

Address: 3509 Waterbury Drive, Dayton, Ohio 45439
Web Site:
Phone: (937) 613-1431
Vendor Since: 2020

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Deadline for orders is FRIDAY by MIDNIGHT. Free delivery is an option, though people that choose the PICKUP ONLY option will save a couple dollars per order.

Questions? Contact Jeffrey McElfresh at (937) 613-1431 or

Our series of hot sauces have no additives, added sugars or extracts. They are made with dedication to the blending of flavor and heat with great taste. We use fresh, local and organic ingredients when possible and these spicy sauces are even vegan and gluten-free, so they work for most people’s dietary needs. Everything tastes better with a little dash of our hot sauce!

Always Canning

Address: 3925 East Gatewood Ln, Cincinnati, OH 45236
Phone: (502) 533-6779
Website: coming soon
Facebook Site: Always Canning on Facebook
Instagram Site: Always Canning on on Instagram
Vendor Since: May 2020

Pre-Order: You can contact me through Facebook or Instagram, to place an order. Deadline is Thursday.

About Us:
When you think about jelly, you probably think of placing it on a piece of bread. But not for me, it is just another ingredient/spice in my kitchen. Whether it is putting it over cream cheese (hello there pepper jellies), or tossing it with some roasted veggies, the sky is the limit.

Jellies I Sell:
Lemon rosemary
Jalapeno (sweet)
Golden Cayenne (medium)
Habanro (spicy)
Ghost pepper (very spicy)
Apple Butter (available in the fall)

Our Practices:
All jellies are made in small batches, with each batch making 6-8 jars. Also to ensure freshness, they are made 1-2 weeks and sometimes a few days prior to being sold.

Ilan’s Raw Chocolate

Address: 4200 Plainfield Road, Cincinnati, OH 45227
Phone: (513) 716-5185
Website: Ilan’s Raw Choclate Website
Facebook: Ilan’s Raw Choclate on the Facebook
Instagram: Ilan’s Raw Choclate on the Instagram
Vendor Since: 2020

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Deadline for orders is Saturday by 8:30AM. Free home delivery is available.

About Us
Ilan’s Raw Chocolate seeks to meet the needs of the health-conscious shopper and the adventurous tastes of the modern day connoisseur with an innovative approach to raw chocolate. Ilan’s is all 70% dark chocolate sourced from an organic, fair-trade farm in the Amazon in Peru. It’s naturally vegan, gluten-free, keto-friendly, maple-syrup sweetened and certified kosher. We are located at The Madison Place coffee shop.
We sell our chocolates in the following ways:

Variety Box – $20 per box (9 flavors)
Select 4 (any flavors) $10
Select 3 (any flavors) $8
Single Chocolate $3
Samples upon request are available

Questions? Contact Chelsie Standeford at (513) 716-5185 or

North South Baking Co.

Address: Ludlow, KY
Email: Kate
Instagram Stories:
Vendor Since: Winter 2020

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About Us:
I believe in using local ingredients whenever possible. Below are some of the sources for the grains, dairy, and produce used in North South Baking Company’s products.
Grain Sources: Louismill & Shagbark Seed & Mill
Dairy Sources: The Egg Shack & Swallow Hill Jersey Dairy
Honey Source: Carriage House Farm:
Produce Sources: Local Food Connection, McGlasson Farms, Locust Ridge Organics, Shady Grove Farm, Green Acres Farm, That Guy’s Family Farm, Turner Farm, Eschleman Fruit Farm

Products We Sell:
The products we sell include: sourdough bread loaves, focaccia, brioche, babka, pies, galettes, muffins, cinnamon/stickey buns, croissant pastries.

Our Practices:
We make every part of everything we sell! Fillings, frostings, glazes, etc. I source local herbs and produceduring the summer so they can be processed and/or frozen for winter use. All the whole grain flour is organic and regionally grown and milled.

Simply French Cuisine

Address: Springdale, Ohio
Facebook Site: Simply_French
Vendor Since: 2019

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Deadline for orders is THURSDAY at 8AM

About Us:
Brigitte Cordier and Anne Fribourg are French born foodies whose path crossed in Cincinnati. They both taught French cooking classes for many years. Their passion for fresh, clean and organic food led them to create Simply French Cuisine. Whether you order their baked goods or cakes, trust them to cook for your next dinner or event, or join them for a cooking class, your taste buds are sure to be delighted!

Products We Sell:
At Simply French Cuisine we are passionate about fresh, clean and organic food. We cook everything from scratch with quality ingredients; we source local products when available. Simply French Cuisine offers a wide range of prepared foods including soups, lasagna, salad, quiches, meals and a weekly dessert. Some of our products include:
• Vegan Lentil salad (Gluten free)
• eggplant salad (vegan & Gluten free)
• white beans, tomato & cilantro salad (vegan & Gluten free)
• cabbage, apple, walnut & blue cheese salad (Gluten free)
• Butternut squash soup (Gluten free)
• Ratatouille (vegan & Gluten free)

Our Practices:
Simply French Cuisine cooks everything from scratch with quality ingredients; source local products when available.

Questions? Contact Anne at (513)805-3323 or