Russo’s Ravioli

Address: Cincinnati, Ohio
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Vendor Since: 2019

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About Us:
Our Family has been making and selling handmade ravioli for generations. The cheese and meat ravioli were created by our Grandma Russo’s uncle, who began Forte Spaghetti House in Newport, Kentucky in the 1940s. Our family also owned an Italian restaurant/pizzeria in the 1980s. Our ravioli has a unique blend of ingredients and spices that have been popular for over 70 years. We recently expanded our recipes to include butternut squash and mushroom ravioli. We are proud to say all of our pasta is made fresh from scratch and by hand – we never use frozen products. Until we can find a “Home of Our Own”, we are making our pasta in a commercial kitchen in Pleasant Ridge, Cincinnati. We offer fast, easy, restaurant quality food you can prepare right in your home.

Products We Sell:
Rosso’s Ravioli makes ravioli and lasagnas in the same traditional way as their great-grandfather did, using his recipes. Raviolis we are proud to offer include handmade Butternut Squash, meat, Italian sausage, Lemon Basil, Mushroom, and three cheese. We also provide some of the best lasagna in the city. Due to popular demand, we now offer the marinara sauce for sale in mason jars. Customers have told us that in addition to using it on their home-made pizzas, they also have used it as a dipping sauce for some of the incredible focaccia found at the Montgomery Farmers Market.

Our Practices:
Rosso’s Ravioli use fresh, locally sourced high-quality ingredients for all their products. Ravioli and lasagnas are made fresh, by hand and frozen immediately, and are easy to prepare.

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