North South Baking Co.

Address: Ludlow, KY
Email: Kate
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Vendor Since: Winter 2020

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About Us:
I believe in using local ingredients whenever possible. Below are some of the sources for the grains, dairy, and produce used in North South Baking Company’s products.
Grain Sources: Louismill & Shagbark Seed & Mill
Dairy Sources: The Egg Shack & Swallow Hill Jersey Dairy
Honey Source: Carriage House Farm:
Produce Sources: Local Food Connection, McGlasson Farms, Locust Ridge Organics, Shady Grove Farm, Green Acres Farm, That Guy’s Family Farm, Turner Farm, Eschleman Fruit Farm

Products We Sell:
The products we sell include: sourdough bread loaves, focaccia, brioche, babka, pies, galettes, muffins, cinnamon/stickey buns, croissant pastries.

Our Practices:
We make every part of everything we sell! Fillings, frostings, glazes, etc. I source local herbs and produceduring the summer so they can be processed and/or frozen for winter use. All the whole grain flour is organic and regionally grown and milled.