Zoftig Bakehouse

Address: Montgomery, Ohio
Email: zoftigbakes@gmail.com
Website: Click Here!
Instagram Site: Zoftig Bakehouse on Instagram
Vendor Since: Spring 2021
Pre-Order: YES, on the web site under “Pre Orders”

About Us:
This small business grew out of the year of pandemic baking that was 2020. I’m Jess, a (mostly) self-taught cook and baker. When COVID-19 had us all in lockdown, I decided to spend some time baking “Pandemic Patisserie” boxes to make my friends and family smile…and now here we are. My favorite baked goods are delicious and satisfying with interesting and complex flavors. I’ll take quality over quantity any day, and that’s what I aim to offer to you each week. I’ve always enjoyed the challenge of creating vegan and wheat-free treats as well, so you’ll also see some of these on the menu each week.

Products We Sell:
Currently I sell primarily cookies (sold both individually and pre-packaged), but I also sell my granola which is baked slowly in small batches each week, as well as a breakfast cake or muffin of the week. My menu is still very much in development, so my offerings will change weekly. Hopefully, you’ll find that more interesting!

Production Practices:
I operate under the cottage food laws and bake everything in my home. As I am just getting up and running this Summer (2021), my goal is to source more and more from the incredible local producers available at our Montgomery Farmers’ Market. I use high quality ingredients, many organic, and source for freshness and flavor.