Address: Loveland, OH
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Vendor Since: 2022

About Us:
Back2TheDirt is a worm compost company located in Cincinnati, Ohio. Our mission is to return food and paper waste back to the dirt. Every year Americans throw away millions of tons of organic waste to rot in landfills when it could be composted.

Composting helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and creates a beautiful soil amendment. We want to save the planet one 5 gallon bucket at a time! We offer weekly/biweekly compost pickup and drop off services—including a drop off at the Montgomery Farmers Market! While a portion of our castings are given back to our compost members, worm castings and soil mixes containing our castings are available for sale. The proceeds of which help to support our compost program and make our work possible.

Products We Sell
Compost Collection Services @ Montgomery Farmers Market, get a fresh bucket every week=$13/month
Worm Castings
Compost Tea
Potting Soil Mixes
Seedling & Plants