Address: 3500 Michigan Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45208
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Vendor Since: 2021


About Us:
Located near Hyde Park Square, Breadsmith serves the best bread in Cincinnati. All of our artisan breads are made from scratch using the finest ingredients and are baked in a five-ton European hearth stone oven. We also offer freshly made sweets, including muffins, cookies, and scones. Our neighborhood bakery is also actively involved in our community, donating our unsold bread at the end of each day and sponsoring local events and non-profit organizations.

Products We Sell:
We’re proud to serve a wide selection of artisan breads and sweets made from only the finest ingredients. Take a look at the delicious baked goods we offer throughout the week and call us to reserve your family’s favorites.

Our Practices:
Everything is made locally. Our flour is milled to our exacting specifications.