Kim’s Cookies

Address: Cincinnati, Ohio
Phone: 513-512-5975
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Vendor Since: 2021


About Us:
Hi! I’m Kim with Kim’s Cookies. I’m a home baker located near Cincinnati, Ohio in Northeast Hamilton County. I sell decorated sugar cookies as well as Decorate Your Own Cookie Kits and Paint Your Own Cookies. All of my items (unless otherwise noted) are baked to order and available for pick up 5 days after your order is confirmed.

So why cookies?

Some of my earliest memories involve baking Christmas sugar cookies with my Grandmother and Mother. The yearly tradition was a highlight of the holiday season. As I got older and lost both my mother and grandmother, I took over the mantle as family cookie baker.

For the first few years, I kept the decorations simple-the colored sugars and sprinkles that I grew up with. Then I got asked to help out with a friend’s baby shower. I wanted to make something really special to go along with the jungle animals theme of our party, so I looked up decorating with royal icing. After some trial and error, I had some pretty decent cookies. Everyone at the shower raved about how pretty (and tasty!) they were and that was it. I was hooked on royal icing.

Products We Sell:
Cookies and custom decorated cookies is a really fun way to bring family and others together. Doing so sparked an idea. What if you could buy a kit with pre-baked cookies and premixed icing and all you had to do was decorate? After all, that was the fun part. The pre-work (the mixing, rolling, and baking) would be taken care of for you. Just the thing for our busy, modern life. I decided to give it a try. Kim’s Cookie Kits was born.

I did still host a cookie decorating party with some of our friends each year around Christmas. It was a fun way to celebrate the holidays and get some baking out of the way at the same time. And, it wasn’t as labor intensive as making the cookies on my own, because each family brought some pre-baked cookies and I mixed up the icing. Then we all decorated together.

Our Practices:
I still use my Grandmother’s Christmas Sugar Cookie recipe and my mother’s rolling pin.