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Address: Morrow, OH
Email: juicingwithkiwi@gmail.com
Phone: 937-430-9881
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Vendor Since: 2022


About Us:
Juicing with kiwi also known as JWK Juicery was founded by Kiara Russell, a bank loan officer turned, stay at home mom, turned entrepreneur. Coming from a family that has battled with diabetes, heart failure, cancers, and variety of diet related illnesses this was my true calling to help in service my community.

I created a three-day juice cleanse, I personally formulated recipes using my prior knowledge from Central State University in biochemistry, biology and nutrition. I documented every step of the way filming and uploading the journey via Instagram and YouTube. During these three days I abstained from solid foods only giving my body raw unpasteurized whole nutrients.

The buzz grew rapidly, family and friends begin ordering the three-day juice reboot losing up to 10 pounds each cycle, but the weight loss wasn’t the goal! The goal was to introduce fasting, living breathing nutrients, and mental clarity to the body. We achieved this by subconsciously forcing clients to go on a plant-based diet for three consecutive days.

During the state of fasting, we encourage our clients to take a spiritual journey as well, a journey of self-discovery and different level of gratitude.

A single bottle of raw 100% juice can contain up to 5 pounds of fruits and vegetables! Imagine all of those living enzymes and phytonutrients being pumped into your body in a condensed form, its truly an amazing feeling.

JWK’S juicer’s mission is simple “We are juicing for the Mind, Body and Soul! Our sole purpose is to help educate, encourage and support as many people as possible on their journey to a healthier happier life.”

Products We Sell:
Delightfully healthy Cold Pressed Juice, Juice Cleanses & Mobile Juice Bar

  • Cold pressed 100% natural juices
  • Garden of Eden Elderberry syrup
  • Handcrafted crystal necklaces
  • Wellness shots
  • Occasional Acai and dragon fruit bowls

Our Practices:
We are 100% Artisan; we source the bulk of our produce locally using our harvest farm which is conventionally.
located inside of the incubator kitchen as well. We also source from Roothouse Aquatics another vendor at the Montgomery Farmers
Market also using local honey from delicious farm on our smoothie bowls. The use of Organic ingredients is preferred, organic and local.