Crazy Acres Market Farm

Address: 6707 Bray Road Goshen OH 45122
Email: Email Lisa
Phone: 513-310-0491
Website: Crazy Acres Market Farm Website
Instragram Site: Crazy Acres Market Farm on Instagram
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Vendor Since: 2022

Pre-Order: Members of the fresh club only

About Us:
We are a family owned, small farm with 2 locations, one in Loveland and one in Goshen Ohio. Our mission is to provide clean local produce and value-added products to the members of our community using sustainable organic farming practices. By using natural inputs (OMRI Approved) and soil biology we can produce better quality food that stays fresher and more flavorful for longer than products coming from California or Mexico. These practices also preserve the soil from erosion, leaves a much smaller carbon footprint and doesn’t add dangerous chemicals to the food and environment. Our plantings include flowers and shrubs that offer places for beneficial insects such as honeybees and butterflies to find food and shelter protecting the natural ecosystem.

Products We Sell:
At Crazy Acres Market Farm, we grow a variety of seasonal fresh vegetables, microgreens, herbs, cut flowers and fruits. We are still expanding and hope to add more fruit and additional vegetable varieties to our product list. Our products are currently available starting in late May until late October/early November. As we expand and add more greenhouses, we hope to expand our growing season to provide leafy greens and other cool weather crops in early spring and late fall. Here is a general list of what we will have for the 2022 season:
– Leafy Greens- Lettuces, Salad Mix, Spinach, Arugula, Kale, Cabbages, Asian Greens
– Microgreens- Sunflower Shoots, Pea Shoots, Radish shoots, Broccoli shoots, Arugula shoots
– Herbs- Cilantro, Parsley, Chives, Basil, Dill, Thyme, Rosemary
– Root Vegetables- Carrots, Beets, Radishes, Onions, Garlic, Green Onions
– Beans- Green Beans, Edemame, Sugar Snap Peas
– Tomatoes- Slicers, Roma, Heirloom, Cherry, Tomatillo
– Squash- Zucchini, Yellow, Acorn, Butternut
– Cucumbers
– Peppers- Bell, Hot, Mini Sweet
– Eggs- Cage free Chicken and Duck eggs
– Fruit- Blueberries, Blackberries, figs, strawberries (Fruits will be very limited, the plants are still young)
– Jam- Variety of flavors made with organic fruit
– Dried Herbs

Our Practices:
We are certified in food safety and follow all food safety regulations for the safe handling of our products.

Westwind Flower Farm

Address: 7717 Westwind Lane Montgomery, Ohio
Website: Westwind Flower Farm Website
Facebook: Westwind Flower Farm on Facebook
Instagram: Westwind Flower Farm on Instagram
Vendor Since: 2021

Pre-order: Yes  -Westwind Bouquet and Mother’s Day Bouquet

About Us

I’m Amy Phipps Owner of Westwind Flower Farm located in Montgomery Ohio.
Hi, I’m Amy Phipps Baxter, I started Westwind Flower Farm in the summer of 2020. Located in Montgomery, Ohio, Westwind Flower Farm was created to bring fresh-cut flowers to the community and to bring a lifelong dream of mine to fruition. I love the mechanics and challenge of growing flowers. Regenerative and organic techniques are used to improve the soil and give back to the land resulting in chemical-free, pollinator-friendly blooms.

I use regenerative and organic techniques to improve the soil and give back to the land as I grow chemical-free, pollinator-friendly blooms.

I am a member of the Floret Flower-Farmer Collective.

Products We Sell:
The small-scale farm produces dahlia tubers for sale, specialty cut flowers for weekly subscriptions, market bouquets, wholesale flowers for local flower collective, and DIY grower’s buckets. Also available Local flower farm Honey. Offerings will continue to expand, but some of the current plantings include the following:
Spring: tulips, anemones, ranunculus, lily-of-the-valley, hellebores, peonies
Summer/Fall: dahlias, snapdragons, cosmos, sweet william, scabiosa, zinnias, sunflowers

You can purchase flowers by contacting me directly or visiting me at the Montgomery Farmer’s Market.

Grassroots Farm & Foods

Address: Cynthiana,Ohio


Website: Grassroots Farm & Foods

Vendor Since: 2018

Pre-Order: To place a order for, click Deadline for orders is Thursday at MIDNIGHT. Orders can be shipped for $14.00 plus UPS charges.

A Note From Grassroots Farm & Foods

Dear Customers of the Montgomery Farmers’ Market:

This will be our last year at the Montgomery Farmers’ Market.

Grassroots Farm & Foods is located in Pike County, Ohio on 300 acres near the edge of Appalachia. Fifteen years ago we began the complicated and rewarding journey of producing nutrient-dense, grass-based, healthy food for humans. We started out with sheep, then added beef, then hogs, then eggs, then meat chickens, all raised on certified organic pastures. Along the way we developed a commercial kitchen to process the low-end of the animal, and now offer 15 different products prepared for quick cooking and delicious eating. Our foods have been marketed through the Hyde Park Farmers Market, Madtree, Blue Ash, Milford, and Montgomery Markets over the years. We have also developed three iterations of our website during this time and written over 300 bi-weekly newsletters ( We have compiled a book of seventy of those newsletters, entitled A Farmer’s Almanac, with two more volumes to come. We have hosted 50 farm tours during this time.

We started this journey as second careers, later in life. The above efforts require a great deal of physical and mental work. Along the way, we have been privileged to work with talented and special employees and partners. But they inevitably move on to greener pastures, leaving the work on our shoulders. Given our age, the realization is dawning that we will have to scale down the most demanding work. Thus, by the end of 2022, we are concluding the chapter of raising our own animals. But we will keep our commercial kitchen going, continuing to generate prepared foods for your convenience. We will source grass-fed meats from other local farmers for the kitchen

We will probably be moving away from attending farmers’ markets and to the model of delivering preorders to a particular destination. We have been delivering to Madtree on alternate Sunday mornings, so we will probably come to your current location in Montgomery on the same day.

We still have quite a bit of chicken, beef, pork, and lamb for your table. Once we work through that inventory, we will have a number of referrals for you for those products. Through this winter, we will be at Madtree every other Sunday, from 10 – 11, with pre-orders. Please place orders and visit us there this winter.

It has been a great pleasure for us to participate in the Montgomery Farmers’ Market, as it is very well run. Management and the Board are high quality people, who are effective in creating a positive experience for customers and vendors. The ambiance is conducive to great shopping, and customers are most supportive and positive. Bob and I thank you for your support of Grassroots over the past three years at the market. We now look forward to continuing to generate for you Health, Taste, & Connection through a different venue. Please stay in touch with us.

Warm regards,

Drausin & Susan Wulsin Bob Gehres

About Us:

Grassroots Graziers LLC, dba Grassroots Farm & Foods, operates on Red Stone Farm in Cynthiana, Ohio in Pike County. The farm is 85 miles east of Cincinnati and 90 miles south of Columbus. Red Stone Farm has been owned by the John Wulsin family since 1968. Over the first 20 years, Red Stone undertook ventures in barnlot hogs, cow-calf enterprise, stocker cattle, and row crops.

In the early 1990s, it made a commitment to support grass-based enterprises to work toward sustainable business practices. Shortly thereafter, a New Zealand-style, seasonal, grass-based dairy was developed on 300 acres. Jersey cows have grazed this “dairy platform” for the past 20 years.

Products We Sell:

We sell grass-fed meats and eggs raised on our farm in Pike County, Ohio. Our pastures are certified organic by OEFFA, our beef and lamb is certified as 100% grass-fed by the American grass-fed Association, our broilers and hens are fed non-gmo grains while on pasture and our hogs are fed non-gmo grains while in woodlots.

We also produce frozen, prepared foods ready to eat in 30 minutes or less. The prepared foods we offer are produced in certified kitchens and include: Bolognese sauce, pork ragout, Rio-Grande beef barbacoa, chili, French Aioli, Roma meatballs, tar-heel pulled pork, short-rib burgers, Moroccan sliders, Vietnamese sliders, American sliders, bone broth, and chicken stock.

Our Practices:

Grassroots Graziers LLC is our legal name. We chose it because it describes several important forces underlying the production of grass-fed, nutrient-dense food.

First, the food we provide is reliant on abundant and healthy roots of grass plants. Roots of grasses grow when the aboveground portion is not grazed. When a plant is grazed by ruminant animals (cows, sheep, buffalo), roots slough-off, creating organic matter in soil. It is in these soils that the food of our civilization grows. Since we depend on roots of grass for soil that grows our food, “grassroots” stands in our name.

The second concept is the word, “grazier”. A grazier manages grazing animals, while a grazer is the animal itself. Graziers orchestrate the interaction between ruminant animals and grass plants, to create rich soils that produce grass-fed meats and milk. One must become a skilled grazier to produce high quality, grass-fed food, and thus we include that word in our name as well.

Our logo depicts a grass plant both above and below the surface of the soil. We aim for more roots to exist below the surface than blades of grass above it. When we supplement this plant with free solar energy to catalyze it, ruminant animals to harvest it, and customers who value the food it generates, we have the making of a sustainable business model. The grass plant thus lies at the heart of our sustainability. We are proud to be graziers managing southern Ohio’s grassroots to produce healthy food from our farm for discerning customers. Hence, we employ the marketing name of Grassroots Farm & Foods to promote and deliver the product to you.

Questions? Contact Bob Gehres at (513) 967-8099 or

Jaybird Farms

Location: Sardinia, Ohio



Vendor Since: 2019

Pre-Order: You may order on-line at

Deadline for orders is Friday at NOON.

About Us: Jaybird Farms is a small herb, vegetable and flower farm in SW Ohio! Lavender is our favorite! Bloom where you are planted!

Products we sell: Cut flowers is our main thing! But we also offer lavender plants, flowers & craft items, jams & jellies, seasonal wreaths, lavender soap & lotion, linen spray, and other seasonal items.

Practices: We use as many organic practices as possible. We use Neem Oil & insecticidal soap, organically approved fungicide, crop rotation, biodegradable mulch for weed control, drip irrigation. All plants are grown from seed or cuttings on our farm.


Contact Vivian Pfankuch at (513) 633-5218 or

HenABen Farm


Website/Facebook Site:

Vendor Since: 2019

About Us:

We’re a family farm bringing fresh, high quality produce and mushrooms to local markets.

Pre-Ordering: Order by visiting our Facebook page and then contacting us via email or phone to place your order:

Deadline for orders is Friday by 5PM. We do not offer delivery at this time.

Questions? Contact Tony at (812) 363-3779 or

Products We Sell:

We will have oyster mushrooms, as well as shiitake and lion’s mane when available. Fresh vegetables including tomatoes, melons, potatoes, cucumbers, squash, zucchini and onions as the season progresses.

roothouse aquaponics

Address: Batavia, Ohio
Website: roothouse aquaponics
Facebook Site: Roothouse Facebook
Vendor Since: Winter 2020

Pre-Order: Click here to order on-line from our web site

About Us:

Roothouse Aquaponics is a year-round farm that uses sustainable & natural practices to grow premium leafy greens and vegetables. Pesticide, Herbicide, and Chemical free. Products can be purchased at the greenhouse or at a select grocers/restaurants.

Products We Sell:

With the help of nitrifying bacteria and tilapia, we create natural fertilizer right inside our greenhouse. The tilapia that create the plants nutrient source are fed premium Non-GMO fish food formulated specifically for tilapia and aquaponics. The Aquaponic method results in fuller flavors and our daily harvest schedule provides consistent freshness.

Questions: Email Mike or call at (513) 536-7196

Jessie’s Garden

Location: Oregonia, Ohio


Facebook: For information click our Facebook site Jessies-Garden
Vendor Since: 2016

Pre-Order: Order here on-line: Jessies-Garden Deadline for orders is Friday at 4PM

About Us:

We are your MICROGREENS SPECIALISTS! We also offer a variety of produce. We grow following sustainable practices using no pesticides or herbicides. Our sweet cherry and slicer tomatoes will make your salads and sandwiches taste like summertime.

Products We Sell:
Beans, beets, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, carrots, cauliflower, cucumbers, garlic, ground cherries, kale, kohlrabi, melons, okra, onions, peas, radish, salad mix, spinach, summer squash, winter squash, sweet potatoes, Swiss chard, tomatoes, turnips, herbs, flowers

Other Markets:

  • Mariemont
  • Blue Ash

Questions? Contact Marge at (513) 515-9657 or

T S Farms

11061 Careytown Rd
New Vienna, OH 45159
Website: T S Farms Web Facebook: T S Farms
Vendor Since: 2010

Order here:
T S Farms
Deadline for orders is FRIDAY at 10AM. 

About Us:
Tiffany and Tim Shinkle went from hobby farming to full time farming in 2007, when Tim lost his job at DHL. This allowed Tim to fulfill his dream to live off of their land in New Vienna, Ohio. Their three daughters Traci, Tara, and Tessa are very instrumental in the daily operations of the farm. They utilize about 150 acres in 7 locations. They started with a cow and goat herd share program, and quickly expanded to meet local demand for eggs, beef, lamb, chicken and pork. They also raise duck, quail, goat, and turkeys. All of their animals are pasture raised: no hormones, steroids, antibiotics, are used. They use essential oils and holistic practices to care for their animals. In 2012 they started their own feed business, TS Naturals, due to a lack in supply of non-GMO animal feeds. All of their feeds are made with non-GMO grains grown locally and organic mineral supplements. They do sell feed to the public.

Products We Sell:
Our family offers all cuts of beef, pork, chicken, lamb, eggs, goats milk soaps, maple syrup, jams/jellies and raw milk herd shares. Our animals are raised using regenerative agriculture practices. We rotate our animals from one field to the next working to improve soil health, increasing biodiversity and enhancing the ecosystem. We do not use hormones, steroids or antibiotics. Jam and jellies, free range chicken eggs, quail eggs, pasture raised beef, pastured hog (bacon, seasoned sausage flavors, chops, roasts, ribs, etc.), goat and lamb meat (also pasture raised), pasture raised chicken in various cuts, locally produce maple syrup, hot sausage sandwiches made with Blue Oven bread, whole rabbit, whole duck, whole turkey, ground turkey, turkey breast and wings.

Our Practices:
All animals are pasture raised with no hormones or antibiotics. All animals are fed non-GMO grains. No use of pesticides or chemicals on the pasture.

Other Markets:

  • Madeira
  • Pipkins Market
  • Ohio Valley Food Connection

Salatin’s Orchard

Address: 10514 Chesterville Rd, Moores Hill, IN 47032
Facebook siteSalatin’s Orchard
Vendor Since: 2010

Pre-Orders: Order by clicking “Salatins Orchard” to go to our Facebook page and contacting us via Messenger. Deadline for orders are THURSDAYS.

Questions? Contact Richard Salatin at (812)577-6017 or Angela Kendall at (812)584-4794 or

About Us:
Located in the rolling hills of Southeastern Indiana Salatin’s Orchard is here to provide you with a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. With top quality produce that has all the flavor lacking in produce from large chain stores.

Products We Sell:
Apples, peaches, pears, plums, apricots, cherries (sweet & tart), beans (green, yellow, long, and runners), tomatoes, cucumbers (slicing, pickling, and English), lettuce, radishes, bunch onions, greens (kale, mustard, collards), peppers (sweet & hot), flowers, concord grapes, potatoes, eggplant, snap peas, watermelon (red & yellow), cantaloupe, bitter melon, berries (red & black raspberries, blackberries, currants) corn (sweet, popcorn, Indian, broom), Swiss chard, turnips, squash (summer & fall), pumpkins (all sizes), groups, garlic, cabbage, beets, herbs, kohlrabi, spinach, apple cider.

Our Practices:
All tree fruit is sprayed.  Melons, tomatoes, peppers, beans, onions, potatoes, turnips, lettuce, herbs, squash, chard, cucumber, berries, and eggplant are NOT sprayed.

Other Markets:

  • Loveland
  • Batesville

Rice Family Harvest
Phone: 513-616-6712
Vendor Since: 2012

Pre-Orders: Rice Family Harvest is no longer accepting pre-orders. Come to the Montgomery Farmers’ Market to get your fresh produce!

Questions? Contact Nancy Rice at (513) 616-6712 or

About Us:
Rice Family Harvest is truly a labor of love: love for the land, love of farming, and love of fresh quality produce. Situated on 34 beautiful acres in Oregonia Ohio, we serve as a community provider of the freshest foods of each season. We and our family work very hard to bring you and your family the freshest fruits and vegetables of each season. Our goal is to bring our customers the feel of the warm earth and the sweet crisp taste of flavor locally grown with care in every bite.

With our diverse selection of fruits and vegetables, we and our family work hard to be a favorite to all lovers of fresh, local produce. We strive to bring to your family’s table all the sweet tastes you crave – mouth- watering sweet corn, crunchy fresh picked apples, juicy peaches and all the other garden tastes you anticipate each year!

Products We Sell:
Spring garden plants and produce including asparagus, spinach, lettuces, sugar snap peas and strawberries. Summer brings lots of fruits including blueberries, peaches, plums, watermelon, cantaloupes and sugar cubes, All the mouthwatering summer favorites from tomatoes and sweet corn to zucchini, squash, green beans, cucumbers, sweet onions, lots of pepper varieties and more. Fall favorites include lots of apple varieties, spaghetti and butternut squash, potatoes and our own fresh squeezed apple cider.

Our Practices:
At Rice Family Harvest we take seriously our responsibility to provide clean safe fruits and vegetables, while being a careful protector of the environment. Our family enjoys this produce too, so we are constantly researching and working with the Ohio State Extension and Conservation offices to use the best methods of integrated pest management without pesticides. Environmentally and health-friendly products that target pests at specific stages of development and pheromones that confuse insect mating cycles are examples of ways we can grow “gently.” We consistently follow organic practices and treat with items approved for organic growers.

Other Markets:

  • Loveland
  • Oakwood