Rose & Marlene

Address: Loveland, OH
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Vendor Since: 2022

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About Us:

We are a mother/daughter business. Our great loves are our plants and our pets! Because we do not like the possibility of chemicals and pesticides lurking in our food and yards, we control our process from beginning to end. Our compost is made and blended at home, and every plant we sell has been grown either from seed or division, here at home, by ourselves. We use no chemical pesticides unless they are absolutely necessary. We never use systemics or long-lasting chemicals of any kind, on any of our products. Felted pet toys are made at the kitchen table and our pets enjoy them as much as your pets will. The wool we use is from our own sheep, or from selected, well-kept sheep, sheared by Mom. And because we love our world, we recycle everything we possibly can, mainly pots and trays in which our plants are grown.

Products we sell:
We are always searching for new and useful plants! Microdwarf tomatoes, new to us this year, were grown for the International Space Station, and are full grown and fruiting at twelve inches or less. We search for exciting tomato and pepper varieties (Blue Cream Berries, anyone?) and have a huge variety of heirloom and unusual nonhybrid varieties. We also have a selection of other garden plants, from cucumbers to okra, lettuce and mesclun, and many others including melons.

Pet products are made from wool felt. Cat toys with catnip, a variety of dog toys, and even a ball made to be destroyed (It has many layers of felt, and it takes them days to get to the center) as well as toys for soft mouthed and sore mouthed dogs. All are fully machine washable. Pet beds, and wool frisbees (we even have cat frisbees!) can be used in the house without damaging the house.

Finally, we have our artworks: Hammered copper panels backed by salvaged wood boards, handspun wool yarn (and other fibers such as silk and mohair) and punch needle carpets made from handspun wool yarn.

Our Practices:
We sell nothing that we wouldn’t feel good about giving to our own family and pets. Our compost is safe, if a plant is toxic we will tell you (we have very few toxic plants), and we know about the products we make and grow. We will help you with a plant or pet question regardless of whether you have bought something, and we are always ready to hear a good joke. We’re all in this together, and it’s up to us if we want to make the world a better place!

Montgomery Elementary Discovery Garden

Address: 11086 Labelle Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45242
Facebook: Montgomery Elementary Discovery Garden
Phone: (513) 518-2438
Vendor Since: 2017

About Us:
We are a non-profit organization and is part of Montgomery Elementary School. Student volunteers learn about cultivating and growing vegatables and then bringing the produce to market, the Montgomery Farmers Market, that is!

Products We Sell:
Lettuce (mix variety) and herbs from the Montgomery Elementary Discovery Garden.  This is an economics lesson developed by teacher Jesse Maxwell.  We have had a great partnership with the Montgomery Farmer’s Market for years.

Our Practices:
We could not be any fresher!  The students cut the lettuce the morning of the market.  We are not organic, however we do not use any chemical fertilizers or pesticides/herbicides.