Boon Creek Creamery

Mailing Address: 2416 Palumbo Dr., Ste 110, Lexington, KY 40509
Phone Numbers: 859.402.2364 Toll Free: 866.835.2135
Email Contact for questions: Jonathan Thompson, or 859-402-2364
Website: Boone Creek Creamery on the web
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Vendor Since: 2021

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About Boone Creek Creamery:
In the heart of Kentucky’s Bluegrass Region, is Boone Creek Creamery where we create handmade artisan cheeses such as Abbey Road Cheese, Blackberry Serenade Cheese, French Cheddar Cheese, Jerk Cheddar Cheese, Kentucky Derby Cheese, Mama Mia Cheese, Sassy Redhead Cheese, Scandinavian Grilling Cheese, Smokey Mountain Cheese, Tuscan Sun Cheese, and Boone Blue Cheese. We believe that hand-making cheese creates a richer, more complex flavor so we use old world European techniques to protect the delicate curds. We use only the best Kentucky Proud milk from cows that graze on nutrient rich grasses as nature intended—free of antibiotics, hormones, and steroids. Come in for a tour of our cheese making facility and taste for yourself why Boone Creek Creamery is howlin’ good.

Bits and Bops

Address: 4832 Cooper Rd. Suite 336, Blue Ash, Ohio 45242
Email: Ellie Armstrong
Website: Bits and Bops on the web
Instagram: Bits and Bops on Instagram
Facebook: Bits and Bops on Facebook
Vendor Since: 2021

Pre-order: Place an order on the website with code MARKET at checkout at least two days in advance of market day..

About Us:

Thanks for checking out my small business! Not to be cliché, but it started with a dog…

I began fostering my first service-dog-in-training, Rae, when the pandemic of 2020 hit. She was a ray of sunshine during such a confusing time. I quickly started hand sewing bandanas for her before I asked a family friend to borrow their sewing machine. After a couple of months, I got the small business bug! I started with hand stamped dog tags on instagram and moved on to the other products you see today.

I study as a full-time college student in graphic design. Every spare minute I’m scouring the stores for new fabric and dreaming of new releases. Time’s flying by! Rae is now a Seizure Alert Service Dog for her kid in Florida and she frequently gets a shipment of bandanas (I still can’t help myself). From the bottom of my heart, thank you for the support and sticking around!

Products We Sell:

Pet accessories (bandanas, neckties, bowties, formal ties, hairbows, sailor bows), hand-stamped dog tags/keychains, hand-stamped rings, paw wax, scrunchies, vest patches, wall banners, snuffle mats, and art prints!.

The Scentery

Website: The Scentery on the Web
Facebook Site: The Scentery on Facebook
Vendor Since: 2021

About Us:
The Scentery is a small home-based business located in Montgomery, Ohio. We are purveyors of aromatics. We specialize in the creation of handcrafted soaps, beauty bars and uniquely scented bath, body and home products.

Products We Sell:
Welcome to The Scentery. We are new to the Montgomery Farmer’s Market and are purveyors of uniquely scented bath, body & home products, including: handcrafted body balms, moisturizers, mousse, shampoo bars, pomades, bath salts, scrubs, exfoliants, body & linen sprays, candles and mosquito repellent . Each batch that we craft is made from scratch using all natural ingredients and no two batches are exactly alike. Every product is created with the specific objective of stirring the senses while beautifying you or your space. Our unique and custom creations are perfect for personal use or gifting.

Our Practices:
The Scentery believes in using sustainable, natural ingredients and practices. We do not support the use of animal testing and try to source local and organic ingredients in the creation of our wonderful products. And because we care about you… Our soaps, shampoos and other products are meant for you and your skin to enjoy for external use only. Please always consult your doctor or qualified health professional should you have any concerns about using our products. If you are allergic or concerned about sensitivity to any of the ingredients in our products, please do not buy or use them.

Want to learn more? Feel free to check out our website, or visit our Facebook page, The Scentery. We also welcome pre-orders through our website or via

We look forward to meeting you!

Viviano Wellness

Address: Cincinnati, OH 45249
Facebook: Viviano Wellness Herbal Health

Pre-order: Email by Thursday evening. Just click “Contact” on the bottom of any page on my website or directly email me.

Herbal Syrups, Herbal Teas, Herbal Pet Treats, Herbal Broth Mixes, Chocolate Products with Mushroom Powder

The women from my mom’s side are from the Trois-Rivieres tribe and have been skilled at growing plants and making broths for medicinal purposes.
I’m following in my ancestors footsteps by offering herbal and mushroom products for health.

Special Practices:
I’m so excited to offer my newest products made from Homemade Organic Mushroom Powder! After drying organic mushroom slices under a UV garden light (to absorb lots of Vitamin D!), I add my homemade mushroom powder to organic raw cacao powder to make delicious chocolate products.

Dree’s Designs

Mailing Address:
9484 Longren Court
Blue Ash, OH 45242
Email address:

Website: Drees Designs
Facebook Site: Drees Designs on Facebook
Vendor Since: 2021
Pre-order: 513-706-6070 or

About Us/Products We Sell/Our Practices:
For $35 per person we bring a mobile painting party to you! We customize every painting to your desires and we bring everything you would need to host. Feel free to add wine/beer, pizza/snacks, birthday cakes or whatever you like. It’s a party! Great for kids birthdays, girls/guys nights out or any other special event. Or no special event at all!
We can paint outdoors in your backyard (or mine in Blue Ash, OH), indoors with drop cloths to protect your furnishings, or at a rented space/public park. Contact Dree at 513-706-6070 or to work out the details of your own customized painting party!

Happy Me Designs (Tagua)

Address: 166 Brentwood Place, Fort Thomas, KY 41075
Facebook Site:
Phone: (859) 912-3121
Vendor Since: 2019


About Us:

Our Products:
Our products include earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, and figurines.

Most of our products are made from Tagua. Tagua (pronounced TAG-WAH) is a seed from a palm-like tree that grows in the tropical rainforests of Ecuador, Colombia, and Brazil. Also known as the “vegetable ivory” because of its rich ivory color and shiny texture, Tagua discourages the use of actual ivory in jewelry production.

Production Practices:

Fetching Fibers

Address: 4336 Crestview Dr., Lovelend, OH 45140
Facebook Site:
Phone: (513) 206-6556
Vendor Since: 2019

About Us:
We provide products for people that like handwoven shawls and scarves. Hand made on Rigid Heddle, 4 shaft, and 8 shaft looms.

Our Products
Hand-woven shawls, scarves, and other handmade fiber arts and items.

Production Practices:

Mary Kay Originals

Address: 3840 Delmar Avenue Cincinnati, OH 45211
Facebook Site:
Phone: (513) 662-6500
Vendor Since: 2020

About Us:
We provide discriminating people that like hand-blown glass beaded jewelry and hand-made face masks.

Our Products:
Hand-blown galss beaded jewelry – All beads are hand-blown glass. Designs include the beads, swarorski crystals, natural semi-precious gemstones and sterling components. All sterling/hand wire products are wrapped by me. I demo and custom size in the booth if requested.

Hand-made Facemasks – Since Covid-19, we are offering 3-D fabric, facemasks. All are hand washable. The masks stay in place by nose-pieces that keep them secure and prevent the steaming of glasses.

Production Practices:
The galss beads are all hand-blown from Moretti, Silver and Helix have paladium melt incasements. All beads are kiln annealed for durabilityand strength.