Happy Me Designs (Tagua)

Address: 166 Brentwood Place, Fort Thomas, KY 41075
Email: happymedesigns@gmail.com
Website: https://happymedesigns.com/
Facebook Site: https://www.facebook.com/happymedesign/
Phone: (859) 912-3121
Vendor Since: 2019


About Us:

Our Products:
Our products include earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, and figurines.

Most of our products are made from Tagua. Tagua (pronounced TAG-WAH) is a seed from a palm-like tree that grows in the tropical rainforests of Ecuador, Colombia, and Brazil. Also known as the “vegetable ivory” because of its rich ivory color and shiny texture, Tagua discourages the use of actual ivory in jewelry production.

Production Practices:

Shoff Studios

Address: 5881 Kenridge Dr, Blue Ash, OH 45242
Email: schoffstudios@gmail.com
Facebook Site:
Phone: (513) 226-0946
Vendor Since: 2016


About Us:

Our Products:
Personally designed and printed shirts, tiedye shirts.

Production Practices:

Fetching Fibers

Address: 4336 Crestview Dr., Lovelend, OH 45140
Email: lauraschwin@hotmail.com
Facebook Site:
Phone: (513) 206-6556
Vendor Since: 2019

About Us:
We provide products for people that like handwoven shawls and scarves. Hand made on Rigid Heddle, 4 shaft, and 8 shaft looms.

Our Products
Hand-woven shawls, scarves, and other handmade fiber arts and items.

Production Practices:

Mary Kay Originals

Address: 3840 Delmar Avenue Cincinnati, OH 45211
Email: marykayoriginals.mkm@gmail.com
Facebook Site:
Phone: (513) 662-6500
Vendor Since: 2020

About Us:
We provide discriminating people that like hand-blown glass beaded jewelry and hand-made face masks.

Our Products:
Hand-blown galss beaded jewelry – All beads are hand-blown glass. Designs include the beads, swarorski crystals, natural semi-precious gemstones and sterling components. All sterling/hand wire products are wrapped by me. I demo and custom size in the booth if requested.

Hand-made Facemasks – Since Covid-19, we are offering 3-D fabric, facemasks. All are hand washable. The masks stay in place by nose-pieces that keep them secure and prevent the steaming of glasses.

Production Practices:
The galss beads are all hand-blown from Moretti, Silver and Helix have paladium melt incasements. All beads are kiln annealed for durabilityand strength.

Winning Edge Mobile Knife Sharpening

Address: 547 Abilene Trail, Wyoming OH 45215
Email: jay@winsharpmobile.com
Web Site: https://winsharpmobile.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/winsharpmobile
Phone: (513) 371-8997
Vendor Since: 2020

Pricing: WEMS has two options: Ten Items for $60 or Five items for $35
Click the one that suits you:
Ten items Free home delivery available for the ten item order.

Five items

Deadline for orders is THURSDAY by MIDNIGHT. Simply drop off your knives/tools with Jay at the Saturday market.

Questions? Contact Jay Friday at (513) 371-8997 or jay@winsharpmobile.com

About Us:
Winning Edge Mobile Knife Sharpening (WEMS) is a professional sharpening service that helps foodies, chefs and gardeners in Greater Cincinnati get the best performance from their blades. The master sharpener can sharpen all kinds of knives including serrated and ceramic and gardening hand tools. You will safely drop off knives at the market and pick them up the following week. Please place knives to be sharpened in your trunk.

Products We Service:
Jay sharpens all kinds of knives (including serrated and ceramic) and hand tools. He can adjust the edge angle in as fine as half degree increments to ensure the optimum edge for every blade. Please check our schedule to see the many farmers’ market locations where you can bring your knives and hand tools to conveniently have them sharpened while you shop. WEMS will also come to your home or business for on-site sharpening.

Cutlery includes:
Small Knives (Steak, Paring, Tourne)
Large Knives (Chef, Carving, Butcher’s)
Ceramic Knives
Folding Pocket Knives
Circular Pizza Cutters
Food Processor Chopping “S” Blades
Circular “Deli” Meat Slicer Blades

Gardening Tools include:
Axes and Hatchets
Hand Pruners
Hedge Shears

W.E.M.S. does not sharpen hand/chain saw blades or mower blades.

Less than Five Items: $8.00 each
Five to Nine Items: $7.00 each
Ten or More Items: $6.00 each

Market drop off orders of ten or more items includes optional home or workplace delivery when complete.

If you have ten or more items that need sharpening WEMS will come to you! Contact us through this form, or if it is more convenient please call or text us (513.371.8997) and we can talk about what you have to sharpen, the process and give you an estimate.

Production Practices

Master Sharpener Jay Fridy

Jay received his first pocket knife when he was in second grade. Shortly after, he started sharpening that knife and his love of knives and sharpening began.
Jay inherited his father’s love of knives and cooking which led him to research the best materials and methods to sharpen his ever-growing personal collection of knives. For decades Jay sharpened his, along with family and friends’ knives with the precise but very time-consuming process of hand drawing the edges across the various sharpening stones.
Then he came across an article about Terry Beech, a master sharpener in Santa Cruz, California, that utilized a slow RPM sharpening wheel that rotated in a water bath. Jay went to California to train with this sharpener so he could offer the same level of sharpening precision and craftsmanship to customers more efficiently.
This professional training is what allows him to offer the highest quality precision sharpening (adjustments as fine as ½ degree to match optimal edge angle for every type of knife and hand tool) in a convenient and timely manner.
Using “cutting edge” technology, Master Sharpener Jay Fridy prolongs the lives of knives through the careful attention he gives to each blade while sharpening. WEMS also provides expert sharpening for a variety of hand tools for the home gardening enthusiast.

Ora Studios

Address: 345 Brookforest Dr, Cincinnati, OH 45238
Email: oravichitchot@yahoo.com
Web Site:
Phone: (513) 713-0211
Vendor Since: 2016

Products We Sell:

Unique, handmade, functional, and beautiful pottery

The Brooch & Bangle

Address: 345 Brookforest Dr, Cincinnati, OH 45238
Email: margaret@TheBroochAndBangle.com
Website: https://thebroochandbangle.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheBroochAndBangle/
Phone: (513) 238-1941
Vendor Since: 2016

Products We Sell:
I create one-of-a-kind and limited edition jewelry (necklaces, earrings, bangles, brooches).  My original designs are inspired by the gemstones and beads I use.  As a silversmith, I love hand-working sterling, copper, and brass into my designs.

About Us:
Cincinnati,OH-based online jewelry store. New Artisan jewelry and Vintage pieces—Brooches, Bangles, Necklaces, Earrings.
The Brooch & Bangle inspires women to tell their unique story with jewelry that complements their personal style. When designing jewelry, founder and owner Margaret Kastner says, “Our customer dresses confidently because she knows what styles and colors work for her. She sees jewelry as an extension of her personality and something to have fun with. She has created her own style.”
The Brooch & Bangle offers jewelry for jeans casual, business casual, and special occasions. Often, pieces work well across occasions. Margaret offers an example: “The Fire Polished Czech Glass and Bronze Necklace works beautifully on a turtleneck sweater with slacks for work. Later, put a jean jacket over the sweater for a casual get together with friends.”

Meet the Artisans
Margaret A. Kastner
I am a vintage jewelry collector, and more recently a metalsmith, designing and fabricating my own jewelry designs. I am also on the road to get my certification as a Colored Stone Graduate from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA)
As a little girl, I would try on my mother’s costume jewelry — she had shoe boxes-full of it — from the 1950s, -60s and -70s. Rhinestones, pearls, and enamels. She told the best stories of college sorority parties, and the gowns and jewelry she wore. Those stories left a lasting impression. Over time, I began collecting many pieces of my own, through estate sales and auctions.
So after a 27 year I.T. career, I decided to follow my passion for jewelry full time.

Christine W. Sanders
Since my retirement from teaching high school art, I have found that the challenge of working with a variety of semi-precious stones and metals has fulfilled my innate urge to create beauty.
The focus of my one-of-a-kind jewelry is on the materials used – stones, metals, crystals, etc.- rather than on a complicated pattern or design that might distract from the beauty of the components. The resultant sophistication of the jewelry enhances and creates a focal point for the wearer’s attire instead of dominating it.
It is my hope that all of these pieces will be worn with the pleasure and pride of knowing that you alone have the one-of-a-kind jewelry that you are wearing.

Production Practices
Handmade jewelry and accessories.

RLM Woodworks

Address: 7230 Kranch Ct., Liberty Twp, OH 45044
Email: mahaffey_robert@yahoo.com
Website: https://www.rlmwoodworks.com/
Phone: (513) 518-2438
Vendor Since: 2017

Pre-Order: Click RLM Woodworks

About Us:
Robert Mahaffey is a local cabinetmaker, artisan craftsman and proprietor of RLM Woodworks. Robert’s interest in woodworking began years ago, when he was in high school. And though his career path would take him in a different direction, it would be his lifelong passion for woodworking that would eventually lead him back to his first love…working with the splendor of natural woods.

Robert typically works with hardwoods like maple, walnut and cherry because of their beautiful colors and grain patterns. There’s beauty he says, in all of it…in each unique piece of wood which he purchases from local hardwood lumber suppliers. These cutting boards are all handcrafted and each is distinctly one-of- a-kind. Robert loves cooking, grilling, cabinet-making, gardening and hanging out with his two granddaughters. Stop by his booth and meet this modern day Renaissance man.

Products We Sell:
Custom Handmade Cutting Boards

Production Practices:
To create a one of a kind board I must first have a plan of what I want the board to look like. Then you go and select your lumber based on species. I choose to select my lumber from one of two sources. If I’m making a traditional board or lazy susan I will purchase my material from Paxton Lumber. If I’m making a live edge board I will purchase my material from The Ohio Wood Connection. As I am selecting the lumber I look for grain pattern and color. Now it’s time to mill your material and lay it down on a workbench and let the pieces speak to you as to where they will be laid out on the board. Once that is determined it’s time to glue up the pieces. I use Titebond III glue, which is waterproof and food safe. Once the glue has cured (approximately 24 hours) it’s time to sand. Once sanding is complete I apply several coats of mineral oil and beeswax to the traditional and live edge boards. Both the mineral oil and beeswax are food safe as well. Any type of oil, other than mineral oil will cause your board to go rancid. The lazy susan will receive a hard durable varnish finish.