Angie Tee’s Kitchen

Vendor Since: 2014

Products We Sell:
Asian specialties like satay marinade spice mix and peanut sauce, kimchi with seasonal vegetables, Asian noodles, turmeric yellow rice, curries, and occasional surprises.

Our Practices:
I strive to use local and/or organic produce available seasonally first by buying and supporting my fellow farmers in the markets, secondly I source them from nearby local and/or organic farms, and finally filling in the ingredient gaps with local/organic produce when available in the grocery store.  I buy my Kimchi, salad, and soup veggies from Turner Farm, Our Harvest Cooperative, Rice Family Farm, Can-Du Farm, Salatin Farm, Our Garden Shack, Elmwood Farm and many more.

Other Markets:
Madeira, West Chester, Findlay Market,