The Olde Garden Shack

Address: 222 Wooster Pike, Milford, OH 45150
Phone: (812) 212-6381
Vendor Since: 2010

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Deadline: Friday at 7PM. Delivery is a possibility on a case by case basis.

We start our season with amazing hanging planters, herbs and flowering annuals. As the weather warms, we will add a complete line of vegetables as they come into season. We will also have beautiful cut flower bouquets!

About Us:
Since our small beginning in 1974 raising cows, pigs and field corn, our family has grown and with it so has our farm. In 1980 we began raising sweet corn, cantaloupe, tomatoes, along with many other delicious fruits and vegetables. We pedaled the produce all over Cincinnati, Ohio. This is when our farm began to become a “self sustainable” farm. Our animals are fed from damaged and/or extra produce, and in return they fertilize our soil.

In 1985, we extended our season and planted our first flowers selling them along side our produce. Then, in 1989, we opened our first permanent retail location in the middle of a cornfield on Highway 46 in Batesville, Indiana.

In 2006, we made our biggest addition with the opening of a small satellite shop in Milford, Ohio. We’re on the east side of Cincinnati, just 15 minutes from downtown. Although we may look like a roadside stand, we carry a vast selection at all times and are happy to bring special orders the very next day from Our Home Farm in Batesville.

Although we are always creating new wonders, the one thing that has stayed constant is our desire to become more sustainable and to provide our customers with the highest quality of fresh produce, bedding plants, perennials, designer baskets, and containers.

Products We Sell:
Potted annuals, hanging baskets, perrennials, broccoli, lettuce, greens, beans, peas, cabbage, cauliflower, okra, onions, peppers, eggplant, squash, zuchinni, cucumbers, sweet corn, melons, watermelon, green onions, tomatoes, mums, pumpkins, fall squash, winter squash, corn stalks, indian corn, gourds.

Our Practices:
We continue to be a sustainable farm–what that means is that we rotate our crop using hay, wheat, spelt, rye and a variety of other forage crops so that we limit the amount of conventional applications.  We continue to use animals that eat forage crops to enrich the soil, limiting the need for synthetic applications.  We value our soil first.

Other Places You Can Find Us:

  • Store (222 Wooster Pike, Milford, OH)
  • Tailgate Market (Nativity Church, Ridge Ave)
  • Northgate Presbyterian Church tailgate market