Pies and Other Pleasures

Vendor Since: 2010

Products We Sell:
Fruit and nut pies of many varieties including tarts and turnovers.  9″ round cakes sold whole and individual slices including desserts and coffee cakes.  Yeast cinnamon rolls, fruit breads, whoopie pies, cookies in packs of 6, brownies.

Our Practices:
Living in Franklin County, Indiana provide me access to a bounty of locally grown, fresh, clean, and healthy produce to use in my fruit pies.  We begin in Spring with our own pure rhubarb, chemical-free and fertilized with local horse manure.  I also use fruit from local farm in Franklin County where I either go to directly or pick up from our local Wednesday morning “Whites Sale Barn” where many farmers gather with their best.  Blueberries and blackberries are either home grown or wild picked.  Peaches are brought up weekly from Georgia.  Pumpkins are local.  Apples are grown in FranklinCounty with limited pesticide at the Doll an Villa Orchards in Oldenburg.  I choose dairy products that are hormone-free and eggs are either local or hormone-free also.  Dry goods, including wheat white flour and pure sugar are alway fresh and of the highest quality.

Other Markets: